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1988 is the year in which the first Die Hard film was created. All the events that occurred in the first film took place in 1988.

Key Events[]

  • Oswald Cochrane fakes his death in a helicopter crash.
  • John McClane's arrival in the Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Hans Gruber and his men take over the Nakatomi Building.
  • McClane kills Tony Vreski, setting Tony’s brother Karl Vreski on a personal vendetta against him.
  • McClane warns the police about the takeover of the Nakatomi Building.
  • McClane tosses some C4 down to the elevator shaft in order to save the lives of the wounded officers trying to enter the Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Harry Ellis sells McClane's identity to Hans, but ends up getting killed.
  • The FBI having the building shutdown removes the last lock of the building's vault and causes it to open, as Hans foresees.
  • McClane discovers that Hans intends to kill everyone in the building with the C4 explosives rigged on the roof of the building.
  • Reporter Richard Thornburg reveals Holly's identity on air, which led to Hans' discovery that Holly is McClane's wife.
  • McClane saves the hostages from being blown up on the roof of the Nakatomi Building.
  • McClane saves Holly from Hans and Eddie, which Hans fell 30 stories below.
  • Karl made one last attempt to kill McClane, but Al Powell kills him.

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