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1990 is the year in which the second Die Hard film was created. All the events that occurred in the second film took place in 1990.

Key Events[]

  • John McClane notices some suspicious characters in Dulles International Airport and went into a shootout with them in the luggage area.
  • McClane receives key intelligence from Al Powell about the identity of the mercenary name Oswald Cochrane.
  • Maniacal ex-military officer Colonel Stuart and his men seize control Dulles Airport's control tower landing systems in order to force them to release General Ramon Esperanza.
  • McClane warns IAD Control Tower chief Trudeau about the danger of former special forces soldiers taking over the airport.
  • Shootout in the airport's annex skywalk.
  • Colonel Stuart crashes the plane, Windsor 114, in retaliation for the loss of his men.
  • Major Grant and his men arrival in the airport.
  • McClane attempts to capture Esperanza to save his wife Holly, but fails when Stuart and his men arrived quickly.
  • McClane and Dulles chief engineer Leslie Barnes find Stuart's base of operations in the Hidey Lake Community Church.
  • McClane discovers that Colonel Stuart, Major Grant and their men are working together when he discovers blank magazines during the snowmobile chase.
  • Richard Thornburg reveals to the press about the terrorist taking control of Dulles Airport, causing mass panic.
  • McClane lit up the fuel of the 747 plane and explodes it, killing Stuart, Esperanza and all of their surviving men onboard. It also made Northeast 140 and all of the other planes trapped above airspace to land safely.

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