1995 is the year in which the third Die Hard film was created. All the events that occurred in the third film took place in 1995.

Key EventsEdit

  • The bombing of Bonwiteller convenience store.
  • John McClane forced by Simon Gruber to walk in Harlem wearing billboard saying "I Hate Niggers" ("I Hate everybody" in the edited version).
  • Zeus Carver saves McClane's life from a black gang from killing him when he was wearing the billboard.
  • McClane and Zeus drive to the Wall Street subway station to try and stop the next bombing.
  • McClane throws the bomb away from the train, only causing derailment and minor injuries.
  • McClane, Zeus and the NYPD learn the identity of Simon and that he was the brother of Hans Gruber.
  • The robbery of the Federal Reserve Bank by Simon and his henchmen.
  • McClane and Zeus discover the bombings and the revenge plot were a diversion as Simon was stealing gold bullions.
  • McClane and Zeus pursue Simon to the freighter.
  • McClane and Zeus we're captured, but escaped death when the large bomb was planted on the freighter.
  • McClane and Zeus locating Simon at the storage yard in Canada.
  • McClane killing Simon by electrocuting his helicopter and blowing him up with it.

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