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2007 is the year in which the fourth Die Hard film was created. All the events that occurred in the fourth film took place in 2007.

Key Events[]

  • Several computer hackers, including Matt Farrell, passed their algorithms to Mai Linh for money, but most of the hackers we're killed by assassins send by her.
  • John McClane saves Farrell's life from Rand and his men at Farrell's apartment in Camden, New Jersey.
  • Thomas Gabriel and his hackers began their three step systematic attack called Fire Sale to shut down the United States government.
  • Rand and his people pursue McClane and Farrell by an attempt to kill him, but McClane thwarted their efforts.
  • Emerson and several men took over Woodlawn where the back-up financial data is located at.
  • Gabriel's hackers fake a footage of the bombing of US Capitol to cause panic among viewers.
  • Mai and her men took over the Eastern Power Hub in attempt to shut down power in the Eastern part of United States.
  • McClane and Farrell arrived in the Eastern Hub and killed Mai and her men to stop the shutdown.
  • Gabriel tried to kill both McClane and Farrell by sending every gas line to the power station, but failed to kill them.
  • McClane and Farrell go to Warlock to search for any leads to find Gabriel.
  • Gabriel sends Russo to kidnap McClane's daughter Lucy as leverage against her father.
  • Farrell encrypts the financial data to block access to it, but was captured by Emerson.
  • Gabriel tricks the pilot of the F-35 Lightning to kill McClane by destroying his hijacked semi-truck, but McClane survives.
  • After Emerson wounds him in the shoulder, McClane grabs Gabriel's gun and shoots him through his wounded shoulder and kills Gabriel behind him as Farrell kills Emerson to save Lucy.

Returning Characters[]

First Appearances[]

Key Deaths[]

  • Clay (Killed by Rand and his gang of assassins)
  • Goatee (Killed by Rand and his gang of assassins)
  • Several hackers who passed their algorithms to Mai Linh (Killed by Rand and his gang of assassins)
  • FBI Agent Johnson (Killed by Del)
  • Del (Killed by McClane)
  • MP guards at Woodlawn (Lead killed by Emerson and other two killed by Russo)
  • Mai Linh (Killed by McClane)
  • Few of Gabirel's hackers (Killed by Gabriel's henchman)
  • Casper (Killed by Gabriel's henchman)
  • Russo (Suspected to be killed by McClane)
  • Rand (Killed by McClane)
  • Robinson (Killed by McClane)
  • Trey (Killed by McClane)
  • Thomas Gabriel (Killed by McClane)
  • Emerson (Killed by Matt Farrell)