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2013 is the year in which the fifth Die Hard film was created. All the events that occurred in the film took place in 2013.

Key Events[]

  • John "Jack" McClane, Jr. has been arrested on Russia for killing Anton, the associate for Viktor Chagarin, the former partner and now bitter rival of imprisoned ex-billionaire Yuri Komarov.
  • John McClane discover his son's arrest in Russia and heads to Moscow to help him out.
  • The bombing of the courthouse in Moscow in the assassination attempt to kill Komarov.
  • The car chase into Moscow involving McClane, his son Jack & Komarov and Chagarin's enforcer Alik & his men.
  • McClane learns that Jack is a CIA agent and Komarov has information that incriminates Chagarin.
  • The attack of the CIA safe house by Alik and his men.
  • Komarov's daughter, Irina, is revealed to be involved with Alik and betrays her father & the McClanes.
  • McClane and Jack escape the trap in the hotel.
  • Jack reveals to McClane about the former partnership between Komarov and Chagarin and their involvement in the Chernobyl incident while hiding the uranium rods in there.
  • Alik and Irina takes Komarov to a warehouse in Chernobyl and force him to find the file and the uranium rods.
  • McClane and Jack arrived in Chernobyl and ready for battle.
  • Komarov kills Alik, revealing himself as the true mastermind behind everything and had Chagarin killed for betraying him years ago.
  • McClane and Jack discovering Komarov's betrayal.
  • Jack killing Komarov by tossing from the roof and into the helicopter rotor.
  • Irina made a suicide attack on the Hind-F helicopter to avenge her father's death, but McClane and Jack survived the attack.

Returning Characters[]

First Appearances[]

Key Deaths[]

  • Anton (Killed by Jack)
  • Mike Collins (Killed by Alik's sniper)
  • Several of Alik's men in CIA safe house (Killed by McClane)
  • Several of Alik's men in the hotel (Killed by McClane and Jack)
  • Alik (Killed by Komarov)
  • Viktor Chagarin (Killed by Komarov's hitman)
  • Mako (Killed by McClane)
  • Yuri Komarov (Killed by Jack)
  • Vadim (Killed by Irina's suicide attack)
  • Irina Komarov (killed by her suicide attack)