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December 24, 1988 (Age 31)


Hans Gruber

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Die Hard

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Die Hard


Killed by C4 explosion, caused by John McClane


Joey Plewa

Alexander was a German terrorist, employed by Hans Gruber to be part of the Nakatomi Plaza robbery. Alexander served as Gruber's weapons expert. He is the senary antagonist of Die Hard.

Die HardEdit

Alexander was among the terrorists in the Pacific Courier truck and joined the rest of the group in the elevator. After he loaded his magazine to his machine gun, Alexander was among the men taking over the 30th floor where the party was held at. His job included guarding the hostages. When a police car was coming in, Alexander came down to be on a lookout with Karl, Franco and Fritz joining him shortly. When Marco's body was dropped on the cop car, Alexander fired his M60E3 Machine Gun at the car, but he was unable to kill the officer, Al Powell. When the TV news crew, led by Richard Thornburg, arrived, Alexander turns on the mini-TV in the office of Holly Gennero, so that Hans could watch news updates.

When they discover that the cops will be coming in and Theo spots the armored police RV vehicle coming on the southeast corner, Alexander is sent to fire missiles at it from the third floor while James loads the missiles on the loader. As they were moving the missiles, one of the missile boxes fell off. When James tries to get it, Alexander tells him to leave it, since they have to stop the vehicle. Once they set up the launcher, Alexander sees the armored vehicle coming to them. When James loaded the missile,
PDVD 084

Alexander readies the rocket launcher to fire at the SWAT RV.

Alexander fires at it, which hits the vehicle and rendering it immobile. After Hans orders Alexander and James to hit the vehicle again, Alexander fires another missile, which causes more damage to the armored car. Alexander tells James that he needs another rocket, and he was waiting for it, when McClane tossed C4 down the elevator shaft, leading to Alexander and James' position. The resulting explosion vaporized & killed Alexander and James completely. They were the fourth and fifth terrorists to die.


  • "Ja! I see him!"
  • "Weiter! Weiter!"(Go! Go!)
  • "Clear!"
  • "Noch einmal !"(Once again !)
  • Schnell! Schnell! Mach schnell!(Faster! Faster! Go faster!)
  • Lass liegen! Weiter! Weiter!(Leave it! Go Go!)
  • Mach los! Mach los! (Get on! Get on!)
  • Hol die andere! Schnell! Mach los! (Take the other one quickly! Get on!)
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