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Die Hard with a Vengeance

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Die Hard with a Vengeance


Charles Dumas

Andrew "Andy" Cross is an FBI agent investigating Simon Gruber and discovers the connection between him and NYPD officer John McClane.

Die Hard with a VengeanceEdit

Agent Cross, the FBI Chief, and Agent Bill Jarvis from another agency question McClane and Zeus Carver inside a car and asked if they seen a couple of men on the photos. After asking other questions and got nothing. After McClane unhappily admits that someone called "Simon" is setting off bombs and is angry with him for some reason, he demands Cross and Jarvis to explain why. After Jarvis tells McClane and his boss Insoector Walter Cobb about a freelance terrorist name Mathias Targo, Cross tells about Targo's other half and rumor has it that the Isrealis killed her in in attempt to kill her and Targo. Cross was present when Jarvis tells McClane and the others about the man known as Peter Krieg and the chief tells that Krieg's real name is Simon Peter Gruber, the brother of Hans Gruber. Cross tells McClane that he may have fingered McClane for revenge and will do anything to get it done. Then Simon called and tells them that he sees Cross, who unhappily says hello to him. He was present when Simon tells him he planted 2400 pounds of the liquid explosives in one of the schools in Manhattan and will be detonated by radio. He tells Cobb that he's got two kids in one of the schools. He says that he has 75 agents and will take forever to get more agents elsewhere. He is not seen ever again.

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