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Mathias Targo rides the Autocar DC.

The Autocar DC is a dump truck that was built for work and construction related purposes. It was manufactured by the Autocar Company, America's oldest car brand . The dump truck appears in Die Hard with a Vengeance as Simon Gruber's transportation of the stolen gold bullion from New York City.


The truck is about the size of a cargo ship container, and comes with a loader installed onto the dump truck. It has six wheels, three on each side, and two circular headlights, reflecting the old automobile days. The trucks can support up to a load of 500lbs in the back.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

The dump trucks are first seen approaching the Federal Reserve Bank in Wall Street. Mathias Targo is riding on one of them. NYPD Detective Ricky Walsh sees the trucks approaching him and orders them to stop. Then a man wearing spectacles named Mr. Vanderfloog (Simon) tells him he's under contract to be in the area. Following the explosion earlier at Wall Street Station, the dump trucks haul their way into the hole caused by the explosion and begin to load all the gold from there after a forklift managed to break a wall for the trucks. Collecting most of the gold bullion from the bank, the trucks departed soon after but not without John McClane realizing Simon's true intentions. McClane and his partner Zeus Carver follow the dump trucks on the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive and head across the bridge to see where they are going. While in one dump truck, Simon, Katya, and Targo, who is driving it, listen to McClane's rants about what he is doing but Targo interrupts, telling Simon he should kill him. Unfortunately, McClane and Zeus lose sight of the dump trucks and follow one that they think is Simon's henchman on the wheel (but it was Jerry Parks, who drives a Mack Truck instead of an Autocar DC). McClane then spots the real dump trucks on a cargo ship filled with the gold (or so they think) and they head down there to confront Simon. The dump trucks are destroyed after Simon's cargo ship is blown to smithereens.