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"Oh, you're right about that."
―Baker to the Church Custodian before killing him.

Baker was one of Colonel Stuart's mercenaries and former members of his unit who helped in a plot to take over the systems of Dulles International Airport's control tower to break out General Ramon Esperanza.

Die Hard 2[]

Baker and his fellow comrade Thompson, who disguised themselves as airport maintenance workers, arrived at Highland Lake Community Church on the west side of Dulles Airport and had the church's custodian let them inside so they can check out their equipment. As the custodian admitted he feels at the lost with that the church is on the verge of being closed, Baker let out an appropriate response and killed the custodian. Then he and Thompson had cleared the church to make space for the airport's makeshift control room so they can hack the Dulles airport's control tower.

Baker was present at the door of the church when Miller returned alone and learned from him that Cochrane didn't make it, which seemingly upsets Baker when he muttered, "Aw man".


Baker's death

Later that night, he was patrolling the church when John McClane and Dulles chief engineer Leslie Barnes found the church. Then Baker heard McClane's beeper go off and attacked him. Though Baker proved to be powerful in physical strength during the struggle, McClane was able to grab a nearby icicle near the church's detached garage, and stabbed it through Baker's left eye and damage his nerve which killed him almost instantly. He was the sixth man in Stuart's group to be killed by McClane, and the seventh mercenary lost in the operation.

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