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"To fallen comrades."
―Berndt toasting to fallen comrade during their celebration of stealing gold bars [src]

Berndt was one of the most trusted henchmen of Simon Gruber during the heist of several gold bars of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Berndt and other terrorists was seen joining up with Simon as they were disguised as businessmen. They headed to the bank that was nearby the subway that was bombed by them. They waited until the alarms went off.

Berndt was seen next to Katya on Simon's boat and he was present when Zeus Carver menace his boss with an Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun for have the code to disarm a bomb.

He was also present when John McClane was captured through Simon's men.

Berndt make another appearance with Simon and his gang in Canada. The villains celebrate the successful heist, but are interrupted by the police (including McClane and Carver, who escaped the boat moments before it exploded) who find them due to an aspirin bottle Simon left McClane that had the name of the town they fled to on it. While Simon and Katya escapes in a helicopter, Berndt and the gang stay on the ground. Berndt's fate was unknown but he was presumably arrested by the police.