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Camden is located in the southern part of New Jersey, the closest state to Pennsylvania.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

In the film, Camden, New Jersey is briefly shown taking place at Rutgers University. Lucy McClane is making out with her boyfriend, which really annoys her. Then her father John McClane shows up, breaking up the two, but this frustrates Lucy even more. She breaks up with her boyfriend, and frleaves both him and her father, the latter which she replies to that she goes by her mother's maiden name "Gennero". As McClane went to the car, his boss, Captain Jack Scalvino, contacts him on the radio, telling him that to pick up a hacker name Matt Farrell and take to the FBI in Washington, D.C..

As Farrell was chatting with his hacker friend by the name of Warlock, his computer was malfunctioning and was about to press the release button when McClane knocks at the door.