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Die Hard: Vendetta

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Die Hard: Vendetta


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Christophe Von Laben was the curator of the Townsend Art Museum who appeared in the 2002 video-game Die Hard: Vendetta.

He is considered non-canon with the Die Hard series overall.

Museum HeistEdit

Von Laben set up the gallery heist with Piet Gruber and Jack Frontier, but was arrested. He was placed in the custody of the Century City LAPD station.


Gruber and his men soon layed siege to the station. John McClane and his daughter Lucy McClane soon arrived on the scene. Von Laben warned that Gruber had plans for the city and the McClanes. He was then marched outside by Gruber to their escape helicopter. However, Gruber ordered that his men take Lucy. McClane warned that Gruber would not get away with his crimes; Gruber laughed this off, saying that he already was, before turning and shooting Von Laben.

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