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"This isn't cool! You'll never, ever touch my computer!"
―Clay's last words [src]

Clay Wheeler was a computer hacker who unknowingly passed his algorithm to cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel and his group to perform a Fire Sale.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Clay was seen passing his mutating code to Mai Linh, who poses as a member of a cyber-security firm and did so in exchange for a large sum of money, not knowing that Mai is actually a cyber-terrorist. When he gets to his house, his roommate Goatee was playing Gears of War when Clay sees his computer starts malfunctioning and accuses his roommate for messing up his computer, who denies the allegations. When Clay presses the delete button, the C4 explosives that were planted in the computer by French assassin Rand and his men detonate, killing Clay & Goatee and destroying the entire front half of the house.