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Del's death.

Del was a French henchman of Thomas Gabriel's who was involved in the systematic attack against the United States.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

At the van near the apartment of hacker Matt Farrell in Camden, New Jersey, Del was among the men inside the van. When their pre-planted bomb didn't go off on the apartment, Rand went outside to deal with Farrell as Del and three other men remain in the van. When they heard gunfire go off from the apartment, Del and the others exited the van. After all three men inside the apartment were killed, Del sees Farrell and NYPD detective John McClane get down the fire escape. After they were backing out, Del charges after the car. He then breaks the car window and wraps an arm around McClane's neck, trying to straggle him. McClane drives the car forward and Del hit the garbage container, injuring him, but not killing him. After Rand was unable to get McClane and Farrell, their associate Mai Linh called. Rand convinces Del to tell her about their failure. Del reluctantly answers and informs Mai that Farrell is alive and that three men are down. After Mai passes the phone to their boss, Thomas Gabriel, he speaks to Del about his getaway. Del tells him that someone else was there and saved Farrell. After Gabriel tells him that he'll send a chopper to pick up Del and Rand to pursue Farrell and McClane, he kicks the garbage container in frustration.

At the next morning, the helicopter carrying Del and Rand patrolled Washington, D.C., which lost its traffic lights when Gabriel's hackers shut them down. When Farrell later resurfaced in the grid, the helicopter headed to the Homeland Security vehicle was heading at with Gabriel tracking them by LoJack. When the helicopter arrived, Del killed a number of federal agents on the motorcade. Then he fired at McClane and Farrell, who drove away from them. As Del continued to fire at the car, McClane drove through the fire hydrant, allowing a flow of water to hit Del. He then fell out of the helicopter, landed on the trunk of the car and fell to his death onto the pavement. Del was the third man of Gabriel's crew to be killed by McClane, and the fourth terrorist to die.


  • Like Rand, he speaks French throughout the film but they seem to understand English (though he said "yeah" in English while talking to Mai Linh and Gabriel)

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