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Dennis Hayden is an American actor most famous for playing the terrorist Eddie in Die Hard.

He has also been in such films as Murphy's Law, Slam Dance, Action Jackson, Another 48 Hours (the sequel to the original film written by Steven E. de Souza), Wild Bill, Wishmaster, 1998's The Man in the Iron Mask (with Jeremy Irons), Sniper II and Race to Witch Mountain.

Early Life[]

Dennis Hayden was born in Girard, Kansas in April 7, 1952. He was raised in Kansas on a hog and soybean farm along with six siblings. He worked the wheat harvest during summers off from high school, graduating in 1970. He played football and became the number one tackle in the state of Kansas. After 8 scholarship offers, he chose Fort Scott Junior College but that didn't work out, so at age nineteen, he headed west where he got involved in theater, commercials, TV and films.

In Popular Culture[]

Hayden's Die Hard character, Eddie, was parodied in "The Cleveland Show"'s parody episode, Die Semi-Hard, where he is voiced by rocker Huey Lewis, because actor Dennis Hayden and Huey Lewis looked very similar. The character is not given a name, and is called "the guy who looks like Huey Lewis". This is kind of an inside joke between fans because for years, fans of the film have been noting the similarities between the two.

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