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DieHard is Back
Die Hard Is Back
Starring Bruce Willis
De'voreaux White
Clarence Gilyard
Release Date October 2020
Preceded by A Good Day to Die Hard
Followed by -

DieHard Is Back is a 2020 two-minute commercial short film by Advance Auto Parts promoting the Company's DieHard battery brand. It acts as a short sequel to the Die Hard film series, and sees Bruce Willis, De'voreaux White and Clarence Gilyard reprising their movie roles of John McClane, Argyle and Theo, respectively. It was released in October 2020.

The short film became Willis' final appearance as McClane, following his retirement from acting in 2022.


John McClane is driving through a junkyard at night when his car battery goes dead. He grudgingly starts walking to a nearby Advance Auto Parts store. Along the way, he runs into Theo, who sends armed thugs after him. He runs while dodging gunfire.

He crashes through the store's glass window and quickly buys a DieHard battery from the unfazed cashier. Realizing the thugs will enter any second, he asks the cashier if there is another exit. She points at the air duct. He complains, but takes the battery and crawls through the air duct until he gets outside.

While running, he encounters Argyle in a limo and is incredulous that Argyle is still a limo driver after all these years. Argyle agrees to give him a lift and they drive under a hail of gunfire. Argyle complains about the damage the limo takes, as he was still paying for it. A thug manages to ram the limo with a truck, wrecking it and knocking Argyle out. McClane continues to the junkyard on foot while carrying Argyle and the battery.

As they reach McClane's car, a thug tries to ambush them, but McClane smacks him in the face with the battery and knocks him out. A stray bullet hits the battery and punches a hole through it, but he decides it still works and calmly installs it in his car. Just as he finishes, Theo appears, driving a backhoe. McClane wakes Argyle up, then pulls a grenade off the knocked out thug's belt and hurls it into the cockpit, but Theo doesn't notice. The two take off with Argyle behind the wheel. As Theo chases them and gloats that he will kill them, he finally notices the grenade and screams in horror as it explodes, engulfing the cockpit in flames. Argyle celebrates and says, "Yippee Ki Yay...", but McClane cuts him off with a, "Hey, that's my line!" The two then share a laugh.