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Eastern Power Hub

The Eastern Power Hub is a ultility superstation located in Middleton, West Virginia that was targeted by a group of Internet-based terrorists.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

When a helicopter arrived in the station, cyber-terrorist Mai Linh and her two henchmen, arrived posing as FBI agents. All of the security guards and the technician noticed them and tell them that the area is restricted. Then they killed the two security guards guarding the helipad. They proceed to kill an unknown number of personnel.

Later that night, Mai and her henchmen are ready to shut power in the Eastern Seaboard when all the sudden, New York police detective John McClane and hacker Matt Farrell arrived. The henchmen went to deal with them, but one of them gets killed in the stairway by McClane. Then McClane and Farrell went to the central control room on the 4th floor of the superstation where Mai was in the process of shutting down the electrical grid. McClane puts a stop to it while Farrell tries to prevent the shutdown, but Mai, a skilled martial-artist, kicks McClane out of the window and forces Farrell to undo everything he did. Just as Mai was about to Farrell once he finishes undoing everything in the power grid, McClane, who survived the fall, rams the room through the SUV and crashes Mai into the elevator.

As the vehicle was precariously dangling in the elevator shaft, Mai tries to kick McClane out. But McClane was able to get the upper-hand and knocks her out inside the vehicle. Just as he was about to get out, the other henchman, who saw the crash, arrived and fired at McClane inside the vehicle. Suddenly, Farrell hits that henchman in the back with a heavy pipe, forcing him to fall into the elevator shaft. He fell body first into the dangling vehicle and went down to the shaft floor below. McClane barely gets out of the SUV and grabs the elevator rope as the vehicle went to the bottom of the elevator shaft and exploded, killing Mai.

As Farrell re-activates the hubs security systems and sends out a e-bomb at the cyber-terrorists, they get a call from the terrorist mastermind Thomas Gabriel and McClane taunts him that Mai is dead and his Fire Sale is over. After the enraged Gabriel hangs up on the video phone, McClane contacts FBI deputy director of Cyber-Security Division Miguel Bowman and learns the identity of Gabriel. Then Gabriel sends all of the gas lines to the station in attempt to kill McClane and Farrell once and for all. But McClane and Farrell, using a van as an explosive shelter. But the explosions destroyed the station and caused most of the Eastern United States to lose power.