Emerson 3
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July 4, 2007 (age 40)

Weapon(s) owned

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 submachine gun
Heckler & Koch USP Compact pistol


Thomas Gabriel

Behind the scenes
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Live Free or Die Hard

Last appearance

Live Free or Die Hard


Killed by Matt Farrell (shot several times in the chest)


Edoardo Costa

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Emerson's death.

Emerson was an Italian terrorist and sub-commander of Thomas Gabriel during his attempt to create a fire sale. He is the tertiary antagonist of Live Free or Die Hard and the last terrorist to die.

Live Free or Die HardEdit

He travels to Woodlawn with Russo and several other henchmen, posing as Hazmet agents investigating the anthrax alert there. He kills the lead MP and takes over the building in order to download the financial data.

Emerson himself sets up the download and monitors it, but leaves when John McClane and Matt Farrell arrive. During the time that he is gone, Farrell is able to encrypt the data, but Emerson catches him before he can do anymore and doesn't kill him only because he is the only one who can decrypt it. He takes Farrell to Gabriel and when the group leaves Woodlawn for Gabriel's warehouse hide-out, he drives the Hazmat van. When Gabriel's semi comes upon them very fast, he alerts Gabriel, not realizing that its McClane and not Robinson driving.

At the warehouse, he guards Lucy McClane until she is used by Gabriel to force Farrell to decode the financial data. As they're waiting, McClane shows up and kills Trey and Gabriel's other remaining henchman, but hesitates to shoot Gabriel as he has Lucy hostage. Emerson takes advantage of this, shooting McClane in the shoulder and causing him to lose his weapon. As Gabriel goes after McClane, he gives Lucy to Emerson to hold, but Lucy takes advantage of the fact that he's distracted to grab his sidearm and shoot him in the foot, causing him to drop his machine gun, allowing Lucy to kick it to her father. 


Emerson and Russo arriving in Woodlawn

However, Gabriel stops the gun and Emerson regains control of Lucy, using his sidearm in place of his machine gun. After McClane kills Gabriel by shooting himself through the shoulder with Gabriel's gun while Gabriel was digging it into his wound while standing right behind him. and just as Emerson aimed His gun at McClane, Farrell managed to retrieve McClane's gun and shoots Emerson several times, killing him.

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