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"Yes or no?"
―Erik to Mischa

Erik was one of Simon Gruber's henchmen. Alongside with Mischa, he attempted to kill John McClane and Zeus Carver at Yankee Stadium.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Erik was one of the terrorists involved to steal $140 billion of gold bullion at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Then Simon sends him and Mischa to try to assassinate John McClane and Zeus Carver at Yankee Stadium.

After awhile, Erik was carrying the Bushmaster XM15E2 S sniper while Mischa sat to spot him. Then Zeus arrived and asked Mischa if he can take out Zeus, Mischa told him no since McClane hasn't shown up. As Zeus was retreating after seeing the game over message on a portable handheld baseball game, Erik asked again to take out Zeus, Mischa tells him no, saying that they will follow Zeus, hopefully to get to McClane.

As he and Mischa followed Zeus to the Catskill Mountains in their truck, McClane was flushed out of New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 (due to Simon's attempt to drown him). Then Erik fired at them, but McClane made it to the car and took off with Zeus. With Mischa driving the truck and pursuing McClane and Zeus, Erik fired at car with his machine gun from the passenger side window. Suddenly, after Zeus disabled the anti-lock brake fuse, McClane made an abrupt U-turn and fired at the truck from the driver's side window. McClane killed Erik first, then Mischa afterwards, causing their truck to go off the road and went into the uphill ravine, but not severely wrecked. Erik was the seventh man in Simon's group that was killed by McClane.