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Johnson was an FBI agent and one of Miguel Bowman's subordinates who was assigned to escort Matt Farrell to the Department of Homeland Security along with New York PD detective John McClane.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

With the request of Bowman and his assistant Molina, Agent Johnson met up with McClane and Farrell and puts them in his car to take them to DHS headquarters. He tells one of the agents ahead of them to tell dispatch to clear a route for them due to severe traffic problems due to the shutdown by the cyber-terrorists.

Johnson was present when Farrell finally admits to McClane that he knew the hackers that were killed and that he was among the hackers passed their algorithms which, according to Farrell, claimed that we're a software firm that developed a mutating encryption algorithm and would test their systems in case of a huge computer malfunction, but we're in reality the internet terrorists responsible for the fire sale. While en route, the woman with an Asian voice is taking them somewhere, but Farrell recognizes her voice. McClane uses a ruse code and that the woman says that she dispatched all units, which McClane and Johnson silently knew that she was fake. Johnson warns the agents ahead of them to get off the route they are taking. As McClane was talking to the boss, Johnson continued driving in route. Then the helicopter carrying assassins arrived. Johnson was shot dead by Del before he can respond to the situation.


This Johnson was an inside joke and reference to Special Agent Johnson and Agent Johnson, who were on Die Hard. When Johnson introduces himself to McClane, McClane is amused, saying, "Johnson"?, since he remembered the two Agent Johnsons who were killed in the Nakatomi Plaza explosion on the roof back in 1988. McClane then chuckles and continues walking.