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Eddie in the Nakatomi Plaza lobby.

Floor 1, also known as the Lobby, holds the entry way to the Nakatomi Plaza. It also holds a security desk, computerized directory, a snack bar, and computer security control room for the building.

Die Hard[]

The Nakatomi security guard sat at the front desk until he was shot in the head by Karl Vreski's suppressed Walther PP pistol and was promptly replaced by Eddie. The second guard patrolled the area by the elevators, and was shot by Karl as well after being stunned by a Hockey Puck flashbang grenade.

John McClane entered the lobby to attend the Nakatomi Christmas party, and used the computerized directory to find Holly's office number, where he discovered that she had changed back to her maiden name of Gennarro. Al Powell also entered the lobby to investigate John's radio call for help, but was tricked by Eddie into thinking there was nothing wrong. The four-man SWAT police assault team attempted to enter the lobby but was shot down by Uli and Eddie.