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The 31st floor model of the Indonesia bridge project.

The Thirty-First Floor of the Nakatomi Plaza is the board rooms.

Die Hard[]

Shortly after storming the Christmas party, Hans Gruber took Joe Takagi into one of the boardrooms of the 31st floor to try and get the vault codes. As he thought the the thieves were terrorists initially, Takagi was very confused about what Hans wanted. When Takagi bravely stated that the terrorists would just have to kill him because he didn't know the codes, Takagi was executed before John McClane's eyes. When Hans heard John's presence, his henchmen Karl and Tony Vreski and Theo chased after him. Later on, Marco and Heinrich try to ambush McClane in one of the boardrooms of the floor. McClane points his Beretta 92 at Marco to stop him from shooting him. Then Heinrich appeared and tries to spring the surprise attack. But McClane fires his pistol at Heinrich and shot him to death. Then Marco chases McClane underneath a conference table and begins shooting through the top of the table in an attempt to kill him, but while he is reloading, McClane fires his pistol through the table several times, killing Marco. Then McClane sees the police sergeant, Al Powell was about to leave the Nakatomi Building. Then he threw Marco's body out of the window and it hit the hood of the police car.

As the police arrived and blockaded the area, McClane checks in with Hans on the radio and taunts him with the loss of his men and the names of any other surviving ones. Then he checks Heinrich's bag and finds C4 explosives and detonators. As McClane was leaving, Hans asked who is he and if he was just another American who saw too many movies as a child. McClane says he's always kind of partial to Roy Rodgers. Hans ask if he had any chance against him and his group. As McClane heard the elevator beep, he leaves in the stairway, saying "Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker" to Hans.