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The unfinished 32nd floor.

The 32nd Floor of the Nakatomi Plaza was one of the floors still under construction. The walls weren't finished and painted and the ceiling on them were not in place.

Die Hard[]

The 32nd floor was unfinished at the time when Hans Gruber and his men took over Nakatomi Building. John McClane went to that floor during the initial takeover. When he tried to use the phone, McClane realized that they disconnected the phone lines.

Floor under construction

John exploring the 32nd floor.

After seeing Joe Takagi shot dead in the 31st floor, McClane retreated back to the 32nd floor, cursing at himself for not be able to save Takagi. Then he sees the fire sprinkler and the fire alarm nearby. He turned the alarm on to alert the authorities. Then McClane sees fire trucks coming to the building, he ran to the nearby window and yelled in excitement. He tells the fire truck to move it along and he'll kiss their Dalmatian. Then McClane sees the trucks turning around and realized in anger that they've been called off. He hopelessly bashed the window

John freaking out

John in the 32nd floor.

and yelled out to turn the truck around. McClane then sees Tony Vreski coming in to the floor and moved away from him. Then McClane used a power saw to lure Tony there and point his gun on his neck. Then he bashed Tony with his Beretta 92 pistol and grabs him from behind. Then Tony bashed McClane's head to the wall. Then they went through the stairway door and McClane breaks Tony's neck, killing him.