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A Ford Crown Victoria in Live Free or Die Hard.

The Ford Crown Victoria (colloquially known as the Crown Vic) is a 4-door vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Willing to replace the older LTD Crown Victoria, as well as the Chevrolet Caprice, the Crown Victoria became the most widely-used vehicle for police departments in North America beginning in the 1990s until its discontinuation in 2011 in favor of the sixth-generation Ford Taurus. The Crown Victoria can be seen in Live Free or Die Hard.


The Crown Vic is a long-body vehicle, has rear-wheel drive, great turn durability, and a long body that appears rounded on the sides. As a new, more advanced vehicle than a Caprice, some Crown Vics are equipped with special double-protective car bumpers known as a PIT maneuver or push bar, inserted on the front of the car in their respective police departments.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Second-generation Ford Crown Victorias are owned by the FBI's police division. During Thomas Gabriel's Fire Sale, John McClane and Matt Farrell hop into FBI Agent Johnson's car, which is a Crown Vic. Other agents follow in the same vehicle to escort the two to DHS headquarters. When Johnson and the other agents are shot and killed by Del, McClane takes over the wheel and quickly speeds away from him. The Crown Vic hits a fire hydrant which knocks out Del from the helicopter. Then McClane drives it into a tunnel hoping to outrun the helicopter but he and Farrell become trapped inside when Trey hacks the tunnel systems making cars from both ends cause collisions in darkness. They exit the vehicle while attempting to avoid being killed. After the damage had been done, McClane steps on the accelerator of the Crown Vic, exits, and makes it crash into the helicopter, killing everyone on board, except for Rand.