Foreign Military One

Foreign Military One was the plane that the Val Verde Government used to fly General Ramon Esperanza to the United States in order to stand trial.

Die Hard 2[edit | edit source]

The plane had a military escort until they reached United States airspace, where they were safe from aerial rescue attempts from Esperanza loyalists. Esperanza tries to persuade the guard to loosen his chains, but to no avail, although he does get a cigar light from the guard. After three hours in flight, Colonel Stuart poses as Dulles Tower and tells the pilots to land on Runway 15. Esperanza managed to strangle the guard with his handcuffs, steal his Colt M1911 pistol, and enter the cockpit. Esperanza orders the pilot to land at Runway 15 and the co-pilot tried to wrestle the gun away from Esperanza, only to be shot to death. Esperanza then turned his gun on the pilot, and when the pilot protested about nobody being left to fly the plane if he was dead, Esperanza shot him anyway and took control of the aircraft. Esperanza made an emergency landing on the nearest runway because one of the .45 ACP bullets hit the cockpit's windshield, causing a serious decrease in cabin pressure. The General takes the encoded radio and checks in with Colonel Stuart on it. Later, John McClane would arrive at the aircraft and hold Esperanza hostage in an attempt to force Stuart to land the planes, but Stuart's men get the upper hand and shoot at the aircraft. McClane engages in a brief shootout and managed to kill Thompson, but is forced to run back inside the plane to avoid the gunfire. He shoots Esperanza in the arm to avoid being shot and is forced to run inside the cockpit when Stuart's men enter the plane. Stuart's mercenary Kahn shoots at the bulletproof cockpit door with his MP5A5 and seals McClane in the cockpit with the fire axe that was on the plane. Stuart, along with Esperanza, Garber and Kahn fired at the cockpit. Stuart then tells his men take their three grenades each and throw them into the cockpit. McClane hears this and panics, only made worse when he spots the grenades clunking down on the cockpit floor. McClane discovers that the pilot's seat also serves as an emergency ejection seat and manages to eject from the plane as the plane explodes, escaping death by seconds. The parachute unfolds and McClane lands safely. Stuart's men escape the scene as the fire trucks arrive to put out the burning wreckage that remains of Foreign Military One.

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