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Gail Wallens is a news anchor along with Harvey Johnson.

Die Hard[]

Gail was at the newsstand as the news came on the air. After Harvey made his introduction after being caught looking angrily at Richard Thornburg, Gail starts her news report.

During the Nakatomi Plaza takeover, after the C4 explosions on the second floor caused by John McClane which killed James and Alexander who are attempting to destroy the SWAT armored RV with their rocket launcher, Gail reports on the update that the terrorist leader name Hans is maybe Hans Gruber, a former member of the Volksfrei movement until he was expelled from that organization.

Gail then speaks to a psychologist named Dr. Hasseldorf who wrote a book and asked what to expect in the few hours in the hostage situation at the Nakatomi Plaza. As the doctor was speaking to Gail about the possibility that the hostages should be going through the early stages of the Helsinki syndrome, which Harvey foolishly refers as Helsinki, Sweden. Then the doctor corrects that it is Finland as the doctor continues to speak to Gail on the interview.


  • Gail Wallens also appeared in the movie Ricochet, starring Denzel Washington, John Lithgow and Ice-T. Mary Ellen Trainor also portrayed Wallens in that movie. In addition, the film also features John Amos, who portrayed henchman Major Grant in Die Hard 2, as Washington's character's father, while it was produced by Joel Silver, the producer of the first two Die Hard films.

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