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Hangar 11 with the plane.

Hangar 11 is a hangar at the Dulles International Airport where Colonel Stuart's Boeing 747 cargo conversion was briefly kept until their attempted escape.

Die Hard 2[]

After the faked firefight, Colonel Stuart and his remaining mercenaries escape on snowmobiles through the woods next to the airport. They presumably kill John McClane and wait in the hangar for Major Grant and his men. Major Grant arrives with his men and the interior pof the hangar is briefly seen when they meet inside before taking off. McClane gets a ride from Samantha Coleman's helicopter to Hangar 11, only to discover that the plane has already left for the runways. Luckily, the plane has not taken off yet, and McClane asks for the pilot to get in front of the plane. However, the pilot will not play chicken with a cargo jet and McClane convinces him to set him down on the wing.