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Harlem Gang Members

The Harlem Gang Members.

The Harlem gangsters were a gang of African-American teenagers and young men who resided in Harlem, New York City. They were an important part in the beginning of Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

The gang members were nearby when John McClane was forced to wear a racist sandwich board. Most of them were sitting on the steps, listening to their tunes while another was playing basketball. When they saw McClane wearing a racist sign, they were outraged and wanted to kill him.

One of the members asked Zeus Carver if he was a friend of his, to which he replied, "He look like a friend of mine?" McClane lied that he came from an insane hospital and has been taking pills which made him wear the sign. Then one of the gang members grabbed a knife and threw it at the sign. Then McClane stated three times that he had a very bad headache, but one of the gangsters grew tired of McClane talking, and to shut him up, punches him in the face. Then another one threw a basketball on his head. The lead gangster pointed the knife at McClane's chin, cut the sign off, and another member started throwing a glass bottle on his head. Zeus saw a revolver stuck to McClane's back, and aimed it at them to tell them to stop what they are doing.

Zeus helped John escape via taxi and survive. After this, they weren't seen again. It is possible they had been arrested by the NYPD afterwards.


Harlem thugs

The gang members spot John McClane.

They were played by:

  • Akili Prince
  • Andre Ware
  • Anthony Thomas
  • Ardie Fuqua
  • Don Wallace
  • Glenn Herman
  • Kent Faulcon
  • Mike Jefferson
  • Vernon Campbell