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February 11, 1962


December 24, 1988 (Age 25-26)

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Walther P5 pistol


Hans Gruber

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Die Hard

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Die Hard


Killed by John McClane


Gary Roberts

""Hans , we're on the roof.""

Heinrich was one of the terrorists that attacked Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve in 1988. During the heist, Heinrich served as Hans Gruber's explosive expert. He is the quinary antagonist of Die Hard.

Die HardEdit

Setting up explosivesEdit

PDVD 039

Heinrich preparing the detonators.

Heinrich was driving the rest of the terrorists, led by Hans Gruber, to the building in the Pacific Courier truck, with the exception of Theo and Karl. Heinrich and Kristoff pushed some equipment to open the vault. Later, he led Uli and Marco to move missiles on the 35th floor. Heinrich then led Marco and Uli to set C4 on the roof landing, to blow the roof of the building where the hostages will be moved up there. When Heinrich and Marco heard the fire alarm, Marco asked if they should go to which Heinrich replies no as they got back to work.


Dead heinrich

Heinrich's death.

As John McClane tried to attract Sgt. Al Powell's attention, James, another terrorist, sees this and warns Heinrich. He and Marco head out to intercept him. Marco arrived first but was threatened by McClane. Heinrich arrived next, creating a diversion for Marco to jump on the ground, but this diversion caused Heinrich to be shot twice in the torso by McClane, killing him by the result of the bullets blasted his chest and left arm into bloody shreds. He was the second terrorist to be killed, after Tony's death and followed by Marco, who was killed moments after by McClane.


  • "Uli, get up on the pipes."
  • "Marco, you go through here."
  • "I'll throw you the chord."
  • "Hans, we're on the roof."
  • "Here!"
  • "Nein."
  • "Marco, down!"
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