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IAD Control Tower

IAD Control Tower is the airport control tower in Dulles International Airport. The air traffic controllers in the tower specialize in organizing and directing the air traffic above Dulles airspace.

Die Hard 2[]

The airport air traffic controllers, including the Chief Engineer and Communications Specialist Leslie Barnes and Chief of Air Operations Ed Trudeau, had to queue the planes coming to their airspace due to a blizzard slamming Washington, DC. Additionally, they were responsible for all aircraft originally headed for Washington National airport when it was shut down due to iced runways. They also awaited the arrival of notorious drug dealer and dictator General Ramon Esperanza who was being extradited from Val Verde to America to stand trial.

Despite being a restricted area, John McClane entered the tower and showed Trudeau and Airport Police captain Carmine Lorenzo the dossier of the man he killed in the baggage area. The stiff, named Oswald Cochrane, was a professional mercenary and lead him to suspect that a serious attack was about to occur at the airport. Suddenly, the runway lights were shut down and the air traffic controllers saw that all of their systems were down and inoperable. Trudeau told his controllers to have every aircraft not already in their landing pattern diverted to an alternate airport and to have every other aircraft inside their pattern to hold at the outer marker.

Then, they received a call from the mastermind, Colonel Stuart, on the FAA hotline. He demanded that Foreign Military One, which was transporting Esperanza, land at the runway of his choosing and that no one approach it. He also wanted a 747 cargo conversion plane fully fueled and placed at his disposal.


  • IAD is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code for Dulles Airport.