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Jack Parry is an NSA agent who works with liaison agent Chuck Summer and FBI deputy director Miguel Bowman on the systematic attack on the US computer infrastructure.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

During the attack of the US infrastructure, Parry, along with Summer, arrived in the FBI mobile command center, under orders from the White House. Parry asked Bowman for some workspace for their personnel. Bowman unhappily states that they have all the workspace and tells him to sit by the corner until they are needed. Both Parry and Summer we're present when cyber-terrorists took control of the television networks and the footage showed the US Capitol blown up, but soon discovered that the explosion was a fake.

Later on at night, Bowman requests his assistant Molina to have Parry and Summer to bring over their agents and functioning hardware they got over to them. Then, a New York police detective name John McClane contacts Bowman and forwards a webcam picture of the leader of the cyber-terrorists, which is revealed to be Thomas Gabriel, a former Department of Defense chief analyst. The identity of Gabriel dismays both Parry and Summer because knowing what Gabriel is up to.

Then, Summer came to Parry. Parry excuses the agent escorting Summer and tells him that the alarms are going off in Woodlawn. Bowman overheard them and demands to know what Woodlawn is. Parry and Summer reluctantly state that it is a top-secret facility below the Social Security Administration building that contains a fail-safe servers to back up all of the country's financial information in case of total network attack, like the Gabriel orchestrated. They say if Gabriel got access to it, he would download the data, use it to siphon billions of dollars and erase the whole database which will render it untraceable. Parry says to the angry Bowman that the information is classified above his pay rate. When the infuriated FBI deputy director asked how Gabriel knew about the servers. Parry states that Gabriel designed the system and that he knew that hacking into the systems the night before would trigger the download.