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Jack Scalvino is a New York Police Captain and the superior of John McClane.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Scalvino calls McClane and asked what he was doing in Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. McClane asked his boss how he knew he was in Rutgers and Scalvino says that he tracked him through his LoJack tracking system in his car, something they turned on since McClane never activates it. Scalvino then tells McClane to pick a computer hacker name Matt Farrell and bring him to the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.. McClane tries to tell him to send a desk jockey at the Camden Police Department to pick up Farrell, but Scalvino says the FBI requests a senior detective to bring Farrell in, since there was a computer breach at the FBI. McClane reluctantly takes the assignment and tells Scalvino that he owns him for it.


  • In real life, Jack Scalvino would actually be Commissioner of the NYPD, since it is the head title of their department.