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James was a German terrorist in Hans Gruber's group. He had long platinum blonde hair that he tied up in a ponytail.

Die Hard

James (center) arrives on the 30th floor with Hans and Franco.

James arrived at the building in the Pacific Courier truck and took over the 30th floor with many of his comrades. He was about to head for the office of Harry Ellis, where John McClane was when he got distracted by Marco and Fritz taking a couple having sex out of another office. Then James and Fritz looked in Ellis' office and found no one there.

He mainly observed the outside entrance area from the roof. When he saw McClane smashing the window from the 34th floor conference room, James informed Heinrich and Marco about McClane's location. While the police send in the RV armed vehicle, he and Fritz transported crates with rocket launchers to the elevator and he traveled to the third floor. Together with Alexander he set up the launcher, and they fired twice at the RV. While James was going to get more ammo for the launcher, McClane tossed C4 down the elevator shaft, leading down to James and Alexander's position. James and Alexander were incinerated and killed in the resulting explosion caused by McClane. They are the fourth and fifth terrorists to die.


James's death.

  • Spitzen Stereoanlage. (Great stereo system) - Fritz to James while they get into the empty office.
    Ich hab zwei davon in Berlin. (I got two of them in Berlin) - James' reply to Fritz.
  • Vollidiot !!! Willst du uns alle in die Luft jagen??? (You moron!!! Did you want to blow us all up???) - James after Fritz threw a fourth crate on his carriage.
  • Fire!