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Jan de Bont (born October 22, 1943) is a Dutch cinematographer, film director and producer. He was the cinematographer of Die Hard.


De Bont did cinematography work on movies like The Hunt for Red October (with Die Hard director John McTiernan), Ruthless People, Black Rain, Lethal Weapon 3 and Basic Instinct. He then directed movies, such as Speed and it's sequel Speed 2: Cruise Control, Twister, the remake of The Haunting and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.


  • Near the end of the film, McClane encounters an unsuspecting Gruber checking the explosives on the roof. He uses a building directory to verify that the name Hans gives, Bill Clay, corresponds with WM CLAY on floor 29. On the same directory a J DEBONT, on floor 31, is listed as well.
  • On the director's commentary track for the first film, McTiernan says that he and Jan, whom he refers to fondly as Jannie, had a complex relationship on the set. They often argued to the point that it would make others on set uncomfortable. They were both very opinionated but had a deep understanding and respect for one another. This allowed them, at other times, to be productive and cordial despite their frequent blow-ups.


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