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Officer Jane is an NYPD officer for the Major Cases unit under Inspector Walter Cobb.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

After the bombing of Bonwit-Teller convenience store, Jane was the first to answer Simon's call and informs Cobb during the investigation of the bombing of Bonwit Teller. But Cobb cuts her off to finish ordering one of the squad members. However, Jane insists Cobb that he take the call. The call from the mysterious bomber only known as "Simon" who demands that the suspended John McClane to Harlem with the billboard sign with the racist slogan or he will bomb another building in New York City. Jane went with Cobb, Joe Lambert, Connie Kowalski and Ricky Walsh to escort the burnt-out McClane to Harlem. As McClane was hangover due to his drinking, Jane gives him aspirin. After McClane took some aspirin and was dropped off at Harlem, the van took off.

Back in the police headquarters, Jane was tending to McClane at Cobb's office. While Dr. Fred Schiller was evaluating Simon's psychologically, Cobb asked Jane how McClane's head after he got him in the bottle at Harlem. Jane says that nothing a shower wouldn't care and sarcastically asked if beer was taking him internally. As McClane asked for another set of aspirin, Jane went to get aspirin. Jane then returns and tells Cobb that Simon is calling them again.

Later, after the bombing of Wall Street Station, Jane was present during the meeting with FBI Agent Andy Cross and Government agent Bill Jarvis with Cobb, McClane and others about the identity of the bombing now revealed to be Simon Gruber, the brother of Hans Gruber whom McClane killed in Nakatomi Plaza a few years back. Simon calls again and Jane tells everyone that Simon's calling again.