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Die Hard with a Vengeance

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Die Hard with a Vengeance


Joe Zaloom

Jerry Parks is a truck driver who helps in the construction on New York City Water Tunnel No. 3. He briefly assists John McClane in his quest to find Simon Gruber.

Die Hard with a VengeanceEdit


Jerry Parks explains his innocence.

When NYPD detective John McClane and shopkeeper Zeus Carver spotted Jerry's dump truck, thinking it might be one of Simon Gruber's trucks, they pulled a car in front of the truck. McClane holds a gun of it and orders to shows his hands. Jerry goes down and reveals his hands on the truck. When McClane opens the door, Jerry pleads with him not to shoot him. Jerry confirms that he is the truck driver working on the Water Tunnel site. When McClane asked where he was taking the truck, Jerry says he was taking the truck to the water aqueduct.

McClane rides on Jerry's truck while Zeus follows them on the car they borrowed. Jerry tells that the pipeline on New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 runs from the Catskill Mountains to Manhattan Island. Jerry pulls over as McClane and Zeus went to the foreman of Tunnel 3 that some people tore out a part of pipe, who McClane realized that it was Simon's men. McClane went to Jerry's truck while instructing Zeus to go to Yankee Stadium. Jerry gives him a tour of Tunnel No. 3 while driving towards the end of the tunnel. Then they see a dump truck stopped and was blocking them. Jerry honked the horn and was about to go to them, until McClane stopped him, realizing the truck has Simon's men. Jerry lends McClane his hardhat and jacket at his request as he went to the truck pretending to be aqueduct security guard. After McClane kills Nils and Klaus, Jerry comes over and was sickened that he saw a dead guy. After McClane hands him back his hardhat and jacket, he tells Jerry to get a hold of his boss, Walter Cobb, to get him down to the aqueduct and find out who is the 21st president. Jerry tells McClane the 21st president was Chester A. Arthur and gives him a brief biography of Arthur.

After McClane left to go after Simon and his men, Jerry went to the police and found detective Connie Kowalski. He tells Cobb on what McClane told him and his infomation led the police to Chester A. Arthur Elementary School where Simon's bomb was at, but it turns to be a fake.

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