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"Dad? You said Dad was dead."

Jim was a college student in Rutgers University who appeared in Live Free or Die Hard. He is getting scared when he sees John McClane confronted with him. He was Lucy's boyfriend, much to John's disapproval.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Jim is seen in a car in the university campus, with the music blaring, and he makes out with Lucy. He tries to grope Lucy which she refuses to allow, and they start to argue over Jim's groping until her father, John McClane steps in and dragged him out of his car. McClane scolds Jim, saying "No means no". until a very angry Lucy comes out of the car and demands John McClane to stop and she calls his dad, "John", but John McClane corrects her not to call him that, because he's still her father. Jim interrupts Lucy to know who John McClane is, but John McClane angrily yells at him for arguing with Lucy and he angrily shuts Jim up and telling him to shut his mouth which makes Lucy even angrier with her dad for saying "shut up" to Jim and she finally calls John "Dad". Jim thinks that Lucy had said her dad is dead making John McClane is angry. John had called Jim a "jerk-off" and he asks Lucy if Jim is her boyfriend but Lucy say that he is. Jim thinks Lucy say that he is her boyfriend until John McClane shuts him up and he tried to apologized to Lucy for dragging her "not-boyfriend" out of his car. Unfortunately, Lucy is not convinced. John and Jim tries to tell Lucy to get in the car, but Lucy refuses to go in the car and she tells them to go away because she's tired and she's going to her bed all alone and she angrily left. John McClane calls out to Lucy to come back and he calls her "Lucy McClane". Lucy is still enraged with John McClane for calling her "McClane", telling him that her last name is "Gennero" and she furiously leaves to go to her bedroom. After Lucy left, Jim tried to joke a bit, but John glared at him. Jim got the message and quickly left with his car.


  • "Lucy, you're killing me, aright?"
  • "What?!"
  • "You know this guy?"
  • "I thought you said I just was."
  • "Chicks right?"