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This is a description of John McClane's actions during Die Hard 2.

Die Hard 2[]

Waiting in Dulles Airport[]

Die Hard 2 - Sonovabitch

John argues with Vito Lorenzo about his parking ticket.

At the arrivals area in the snowing Dulles International Airport, the car that McClane was driving which belonged to his mother-in-law is being towed as he was waiting to pickup his wife Holly, who is on another plane since their kids are with Holly's parents. The police officer says that he parked in the no parking zone. McClane tries to talk the police sergeant out of towing his car, but to no avail. As he tells the cop that he is with the Los Angeles Police, the sergeant says he's been to L.A. and hated it. The airport cop tells the tow truck driver to hall the vehicle away and gives McClane a parking ticket, much to McClane's frustration. Then his beeper went off and he got inside the airport.


McClane meets Stuart.

As McClane enters the airport, he asks a receptionist where the telephones are and she points him to where they are. His beeper goes off again and finds an open phone. As he dialed it, McClane is surprised and happy that it was his wife Holly who paged him from the airphone on the plane she is on, Northeast Airlines 140. She tells her husband that she'll be late for landing. He tells her that he'll wait for her when she lands.

As he was leaving the phones, he accidentally collided into someone who looked familiar to him. The man says that he's been on TV before they went on their separate ways.

Spotting some suspicious people[]

Die Hard 2 - Relaxing at the bar

McClane relaxing at the bar.

As McClane was taking a smoke break in the airport lounge, he sees two people doing some suspicious activity. As he sees them leaving, he goes to two airport cops at the bar. As he was going to tell them about his suspicion, he backs out as one of them was the officer who towed his car. He went on his own as he followed one of them to the baggage area. He convinced the luggage handler to let him in and get the airport police over there now.

McClane enters the restricted luggage conveyor area. Then he saw two men on the control panel, seemingly trying to tamper with something on it. Then he says to the two men that the area's restricted. One of the men, Miller, lied that they work here. McClane doesn't believe them and asked for some ID. As they feign that they are going for their ID, the other man, Oswald Cochrane opens fire at McClane who dove for cover.

As they are moving into cover, Miller spots McClane and fires at him. McClane fires back at him. The gunman fires his last bullet at the baggage above McClane and it fell on him, forcing him to drop his pistol. As he lost his pistol in the conveyor, McClane looks around and spots a golf bag. He grabs a golf club and hits Miller from behind him with it, forcing him to lose his own pistol. The thug gets the upper hand at McClane. McClane was able to head-butt him. Then McClane grabs a nearby mace and sprays at Miller's eyes. Then Cochrane shot the mace and McClane retreats away from Cochrane as he climbed to the conveyor belt while avoiding Cochrane's gunfire. Then McClane jumped at Cochrane from above and they both fall into a moving conveyor belt. As McClane hits him down and pinned him, he sees an electrical baggage roller. When Cochrane went in and was electrocuted to death, McClane jumps to the nearby pipe and fell to the cart full of luggage.

Die Hard 2 - Shootout in the luggage area

McClane returns fire upon the two terrorists.

Then he sees Miller trying to make his getaway. McClane grabs a nearby bicycle and charges at Miller. He tackles the thug down to the baggage cart. But Miller got away as the airport police officer points his gun at him. The officer asked for McClane's ID, but McClane sees that he lost his shield during the showdown and sarcastically remarks "On its way to Cleveland?"

As the coroner was covering Cochrane with a body bag, the officer apologizes to McClane for mistaking him for a suspect and returns his Beretta 92 pistol and shield. Suddenly, reporters heard about the shootout and the officers left the baggage area, much to McClane's disbelief. McClane wants to see the police captain to discuss the shootout.

Solo investigation[]


John gets hit on by the rental car clerk.

At the airport police station, McClane goes to the office of Captain Carmine Lorenzo. Captain Lorenzo says to McClane that he just violated several FAA and District of Colombia regulations. McClane complains to the police chief that his people walked away from the crime scene and the area needs to shut down. Lorenzo rudely says that he won't shut down the baggage area because he believes that the people McClane went after are just a bunch of punks stealing luggage, and that it's Christmas Eve. McClane says that one of the men pulled a Glock 7 on him, which, according to McClane, was a porcelain gun made in Germany that doesn't show up on the airport x-ray machines, and costs more than what Lorenzo would make in a month. Lorenzo still refuses to listen to him and orders him to leave his office or be thrown out of the airport.

When he sees Cochrane's body leaving, McClane, remembering what his wife Holly told him about technological advances in the 1990s, takes matters into his own hands and decides to conduct his own investigation by taking fingerprints himself and then faxing them back to his precinct in Los Angeles to run through some federal and international crime databases. He takes some ink and a paper at the Budget Car Rental stand, then McClane rushed to the corpse before it was taken away, and takes his fingerprints with ink and puts it on the paper.

He then calls his colleague Sgt. Al Powell back in LA. He asked for the number of the fax machine back at the police station and Al gives him the fax number. Al was surprised that McClane is using the fax machine for the first time, given McClane's reluctance to adapt to modern times. McClane puts the fingerprints into the fax machine at the car rental desk and tells Al to run the fingerprints on the paper on every database and fax him back the results when he gets the match.

After waiting awhile, Al calls McClane back, saying he found his subject's dossier. Al tells him that his name is Sgt. Oswald Cochrane, an American military advisor in Honduras who was reported to be killed in a helicopter crash two years before by the Department of Defense and was reported to be involved in black bag operations. Al faxes Cochrane's dossier to McClane, and thanks Al for his help before hanging up. McClane makes his way to Dulles Tower to prove Lorenzo and the airport administration that the person he killed was not "some punk stealing luggage", but rather a professional mercenary.

McClane was on his way to Dulles Tower when news reporter Samantha Coleman recognizes him from his heroic events at the Nakatomi Plaza takeover and asked for a comment on the shootout. He just walks away from her.

Witnessing the shutdown[]


Lorenzo and McClane arguing about their situation in the control room.

As McClane reached Dulles Tower, he heard Dulles Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes asking if it was a gang thing like they usually have in Dulles Airport. McClane says out of nowhere that "only if their gangs got their training at Fort Bragg", as he was just about to show the dossier. Captain Lorenzo tells him that the tower is restricted, but McClane says he got something to show them. Trudeau, chief of Air Operations of Dulles Airport, overrides Lorenzo and asked McClane what the problem is. He tells he assumes that Lorenzo probably told them about the problem regarding some thieves. He shows them Cochrane's dossier and Trudeau takes it. McClane says that someone will hit this airport and the men he went after in the luggage area are not luggage thieves. He also says that Cochrane was a professional mercenary who may have something to do with General Ramon Esperanza, a notorious dictator and drug dealer on his way back to America to stand trial. Trudeau believes McClane's suspicions and tells Lorenzo to look into this, much to Lorenzo's chagrin.

Suddenly, the runway lights shut down and McClane was quietly horrified, since he didn't expect what the terrorists were planning to do. As he overheard every system was not working, McClane listened to Trudeau's announcement that every plane that are not in their landing pattern divert to an alternate airport while every other craft inside their pattern will encircle around the outer marker. After Trudeau tells everyone not to spread the word about their current situation to the airport, as everyone in the airport will panic, he asked McClane if he expected this. McClane just replied, "No, this is just the beginning."

Then, someone was calling on the FAA hotline. McClane suspects it's the men who shutdown Dulles Airport. As Barnes put it on speaker, McClane listens in as the mastermind behind the takeover says that they have a plane, Foreign Military One, containing General Esperanza landing in the airport soon. The man wants the plane to land at his destination without anyone approaching it and to have a Boeing 747 cargo conversion fully fuelled and placed at their disposal. He warns that any attempt to restore the system will be met with severe consequences. McClane says that if Esperanza and the mercenaries with him gets on that plane and lands to a country that has no extradition treaties with the United States, they won't get them.

As Lorenzo rudely tells him that he is no longer needed, McClane rebukes that his wife Holly is on one of the planes above Dulles that the mercenaries are about to "fuck with". He also tries to tell Lorenzo if he hadn't called off his officers at the luggage area, they would not be in this position, but regardless, he is kicked out of the tower, despite arguing. McClane overheard Barnes is heading for the antenna array by the new terminal in the annex skywalk as he was being removed. Coleman comes in the tower and Lorenzo has her removed too as she and McClane were put in the elevator.

At the elevator, McClane climbs up and opens the elevator shaft trapdoor above him to get out as he tells Coleman to "Fuck off" when she wanted to know about the connections about everything that happened in the airport. Coleman says that Colonel Stuart already told her that, which made McClane realize who is behind the plot as he climbed out of the elevator and closed the door.

Annex Skywalk shootout[]

DH2 - John McClane in the Vents

McClane crawls through the ventilation ducts to the Annex Skywalk.

Then, McClane went to the subterranean basement of the Dulles Airport. As McClane walked in the basement, he heard the sound of phonographic music and finds a makeshift apartment in the basement where the music was playing. As he turned off the record player, the man approached him from behind and it startled him. The man was Marvin, the airport janitor who lived in the airport basement. McClane tells him to find the Annex Skywalk in the new terminal. Marvin shows McClane in the blueprints where the annex skywalk in the new terminal is. McClane sees the room is a perfect spot for a bottleneck ambush and asked Marvin where the fastest place is to get out of that spot. With Marvin's directions, McClane headed for a ventilation duct that leads to the annex skywalk. As he was crawling through the duct, he heard the sound of gunfire. McClane loads his pistol and crawls faster in the vent.


John McClane frantically reaches for his pistol.

As he arrived at the end of the vent, he kicks the vent grate and it falls on the head of the mercenary named O'Reilly. McClane then fires at him and kills him. The other two mercenaries, Sheldon and Mulkey, fired at him. McClane returns fire at Sheldon, who is above the titanium-made scaffolding rig, to force him to take cover. He jumps down and tells Barnes to stay down. McClane then goes and battles Sheldon and Mulkey, despite them having stronger firepower. As he went under the working rig, he fires his pistol through the scaffolding rig, Sheldon fires at him from above. McClane used all of his effort to pushed the working rig down as Sheldon fell off it. As the mercenary landed on the floor, the rig fell on the screaming Sheldon, crushing him to death. As McClane was firing at Mulkey, a part of the scaffolding fell on McClane, causing him to lose his pistol at the skywalk and pin him down. Mulkey tries to kill McClane with his machine gun, but finds the ammo of his last magazine ran out. As Mulkey was coming to him, McClane activates the skywalk with the pipe next to him, which surprises the mercenary.


McClane talking to Barnes after the shootout.

As McClane was reaching for his pistol on the moving skywalk, Mulkey sees what he was doing and rushes for the pistol. But McClane grabs it first and kills Mulkey with it.

After the firefight is over, Barnes shuts off the skywalk and lifts the scaffolding off McClane. Barnes tells him that he's got to get the antenna array and set it up. But then the bomb attached to the array Barnes was just about to use to regain control of the tower exploded, destroying it. McClane unhappily acknowledged that the terrorists have the upper hand and that Lorenzo lost his SWAT team.

Windsor 114 crash[]

Die hard 2 die harder image23

John waves his makeshift torches in a last ditch effort to safely land Windsor 114.

While the annex skywalk in the new terminal is sealed off as a crime scene, McClane was patching up Barnes' wounded left arm while the latter speaks to Trudeau about their latest situation. Then McClane hears the sound of a muffled signal and finds a portable two-way radio on the body of mercenary Shockley, who was killed by one of Lorenzo's SWAT officers during the ambush. He shows Barnes the radio and Barnes states the radio must be activated by the code on its numeric panel in order to get a clear frequency. McClane tells Barnes to crack the code since he wants to hear what the terrorists are saying to each other, but Barnes tells him the radio has a 10 digit code panel, but only a 6 digit readout, and that it could take a long time to get the right combination. Barnes advices McClane to get the code first from one of the mercenaries before he kills any of them.

Then he heard Stuart calling to Dulles Tower on Barnes' cellular phone which was connected to the tower. When Stuart says that they will pay the penalty for the loss of his men, McClane tries to tell him that five SWAT officers are dead and that should be penalty enough. Lorenzo rudely clicks in and tells McClane to stay out of this as Trudeau angrily turns off the speaker for foolishly selling McClane's identity to Stuart. He asked Stuart how much drug money Esperanza paid him to turn traitor. Stuart says that America has to learn that they cannot reject supporting a man like Esperanza because he's the man who stands up against communist aggression. McClane asks if lesson 1 started with killing policeman, and that lesson 2 was a neutron bomb. Stuart replies it's something in between and tells them to watch to see what he means.

After a moment, McClane hears from Barnes' phone that Stuart tells the plane above them, Windsor 114 to land on Runway 29. He realizes that he is going to crash the plane and kill everyone onboard. He asked Barnes why are they listening to Stuart. Barnes tells it's their own frequency, which the pilots are listening to. McClane hands the phone to Barnes and takes some rags, two pipes and a can of paint thinners so he can try to save the plane. Barnes hands him his coat and helps lower McClane down to the ground from the balcony.

McClane ran to runway 29 as he poured paint thinners onto the rags, and tied them to the pipes. He then used his lighter to light them, making bright torches. Then, McClane began to wave his makeshift lights to try and get the pilots to abort the plane's landing, but as the plane was coming down, he began to wave the torches more frantically. The jet overshot the landing and didn't see the torches, despite McClane shouting "Pull up!". McClane watches helplessly as Windsor 114 crashes into the runway. The fuel tanks then ruptured and exploded, killing everyone onboard, and knocks McClane down. Distraught that he failed to save the plane and its passengers, he curses at Stuart for causing the plane crash.


A distraught John after not being able to save the lives of the passengers of Windsor 114.

He walked to the devastating wreckage as if in a trance. He picks up a charred doll from the ground and looks at it with guilt. Later in the police station, McClane sits the stairway alone, nursing a cigarette. Trudeau comes to him and offers some support. McClane says sadly that he wanted to help those people and his efforts were useless. Trudeau tells McClane that they put a call to the government and they're sending a special Army counter-terrorist unit. He also informs him that Holly's plane, Northwest 140, will run out of fuel in 90 minutes, which motivates McClane to get back in the game and attempt to save the lives of more people.

McClane meeting the Special Forces team[]


Major Grant speaks with John McClane.

Later that night, a US Army Special Forces Team, Blue Light, arrived. Then the leader of the unit, Major Grant, introduces himself to everyone around, including McClane. Grant tells him to let him and his men handle the situation. McClane asked if Colonel Stuart was one of his men. Grant says he's not one of their own anymore and claims that they will take Stuart down, since he trained him. McClane says that Stuart might have learned a few more since then. As Grant tells his men to set up the command station at the airport police station, McClane asked Trudeau if things got better or worse. Trudeau didn't know how to answer that.

Then at the airport police station, the Blue Light found the signal device in the luggage area, which McClane realized that then they tapped into the tower chatter and berates Lorenzo for assuming the men he went after were punks stealing luggage. Then he went to another soldier, Telford, and asked how they're doing. Telford tells McClane that the CIA headquarters in Langley said that the portable decoder for the airport systems won't be in two hours, which McClane says that his wife Holly doesn't have that long. Telford tells McClane that he got transferred to Grant the day before since the regular guy got ill. Telford also says that rumor is that nobody is better at this work than Grant. McClane replies that Colonel Stuart is better than Grant. As he heard Grant that he wants to know about the plane that Stuart and his men asked for in the pilot's briefing room, but the Department of Justice official denies him access. Trudeau looks at McClane with defeat as the elevator doors closed.

Die Hard 2 - McClane in the tunnels

McClane following an underground tunnel map to the runways.

McClane returns to Marvin's basement apartment, asking to help get to the pilot's briefing room. As Marvin gets the blueprints on it, he hears someone named Garber calling Colonel Stuart on the radio. He finds the radio with the code still punched in and was ecstatic about it. Marvin tells him he found the radio in the luggage room, which was dropped by Miller during the fight.

Shortly afterwards, they heard Esperanza calling a mayday on the radio, that he has lost cabin pressure on the plane and that he needs to land on the first ongoing runway. McClane tells Marvin to show the shortcut to the runways.

Military Funeral[]

600px-DH2 90

McClane opens fire on Colonel Stuart's men.

Following Marvin's instructions, McClane went to the basement tunnel below the runways while listening to the radio. He hears that they are landing on Runway 25R and signs the sign to where 25R is. He headed for the runway. McClane hears that Stuart and his men will pick Esperanza up in five minutes. He reached the ladder of the drain grate. McClane sees the lock on it and shoots it out. He then pushes it open. But as the plane landed, McClane struggled to get out fast. He barely gets out before the plane's front wheel hits the grate closed. As the plane stopped, McClane went to the aircraft.

When Esperanza opened the hatch of the plane and happily expresses his freedom, McClane punched him back in the plane and says to him, "Not yet." Then he takes the surprised dictator captive and says he's going to trade him for his wife circling above him. But then Colonel Stuart and his men arrived quickly and opened fired at him. Although McClane was able to kill Thompson and grazed Esperanza's shoulder, McClane was forced to retreat in the cockpit. Then he ducked down as bullets hit the bulletproof cockpit door.

Then he heard Stuart yelling out that he was quite a soldier and his death will be considered a military funeral. Realizing that they are going to shoot at the cockpit, he tries to use the door, but finds that it's been barricaded from the other side. Then the bullets from the guns of Stuart, Garber and Kahn sprayed into the cockpit and he got hit in his hand.


John ejects out of the cockpit of Foreign Military One just as the grenades blow the cockpit apart.

Then McClane hears they are going to throw all of their live M26 "Lemon" grenades into the cockpit. As the grenades were clattering into the cockpit, he sees the pilot seat has the eject lever. As he quickly buckles himself in, McClane pulls the eject lever and it launches him away the grenades destroyed the plane. As he parachuted himself down, the fire trucks we're coming in as the terrorists retreated and McClane landed safely on the ground.

Finding the hideout[]

As his hand was getting patched up, McClane tells everyone at the police station that he shot Esperanza in the shoulder and killed one of the terrorists. Lorenzo berates McClane that they don't even know the exact number of mercenaries that they involved. Then Grant says that while they appreciate his efforts, he tells him to stay out of this. When Grant says to McClane that they will likely cause another plane crash in retaliation for his stunt, McClane counters that they can't do that anymore since Barnes secretly warned the planes about the situation and that if he grabbed Esperanza, the situation would've been over by now. Grant yells out that it is more creative then he thinks. Grant reprimands McClane that he is here to take down Stuart before he tries to take off and states to McClane, "You're the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time." McClane says that it's the story of his life.

Die Hard 2 - Get ready to call the marines

John preparing to fight at the church hideout.

When Grant excuses himself to speak to the Pentagon, Barnes tells McClane his theory that if the terrorists got to Esperanza shortly after he landed, it means that they are close by and he thinks he know where they might be. Barnes shows McClane the blueprints of the underground conduit instrument landing system conduit lines and might've been cut to drain the ILS systems. He shows McClane that the conduit lines run the airport properly and goes right pass an nearby neighborhood. McClane and Barnes went out to conduct their own investigation.

As McClane and Barnes go over the houses around the area, Barnes tells McClane that they might be in Highland Lake Community Church, an old church where the underground lines run by at. As they reach the church, McClane and Barnes see Baker walking around the church. McClane realizes that Baker is the sentry patrolling the church. He tells Barnes to stay hidden and call the Special Forces Team while he goes and deals with Baker. As he was getting closer, his pager went off when Holly tried to call him, alerting Baker. The mercenary attacked him. As Baker proved to be strong and powerful, McClane was tossed around to the truck and the detached garage. During the struggle outside the detached garage, Baker lets out his knife and tries to stab McClane with it. As he tried to keep the knife away from him, McClane sees an icicle nearby the log shelter. As he forces the mercenary off him, he grabs the icicle and stabs Baker's left eye, killing him.

Snowmobile chase[]

Die Hard 2 - Firing at escaping terrorists

McClane firing upon the escaping snowmobiles.

As the Blue Light team arrived, McClane stumbles over to them. As he went to Grant and Lorenzo, the Special Forces commander asked if he wants a medic, which McClane silently declines. Lorenzo again berates him for trying to be John Wayne and threatens with spending the rest of the night in the cell. But Major Grant tells Lorenzo to shut up and has one of his sergeants escort him away, which surprises McClane. He tells the Major that he was wrong about him. Grant reminds McClane that he was right and that he's just kind of like him. Then one of the men set off a tripwire, alerting Stuart and the others. Then the gunfight starts between Stuart's men and Grant's unit. McClane went down as he lets out his pistol, then he sees Stuart escaping with Esperanza and the rest of his men in the back of the church, and he pursued them on his own.

As the mercenaries were escaping by snowmobile, McClane fires at them, hitting Burke and causing him to crash into the icy lake and submerging him below. McClane then kills Garber and takes his snowmobile and his MP5.


John McClane literally on thin ice.

As he pursued the other snowmobiles in the snowy wilderness out by the airport, they noticed McClane is following them. As he was in range, McClane fires at the mercenaries. But finds that the machine gun he took is strangely ineffective, yet the mercenaries were able to hit McClane's snowmobile, as they swapped the blue-taped magazines with red-taped ones. As McClane drove away from them, the snowmobile jumps over a rocky ridge and McClane jumps from the snowmobile as it exploded. After he landed on the ground hard, McClane went to check on the blue-taped magazine on the machine gun since he knew he had them in his sights. He then finds that the magazine was carrying blank ammunition and makes a horrific realization that Grant and Stuart are working together as allies, and that the whole firefight was faked. He takes the blank magazine and the submachine gun as he makes his way back to the airport.

Firing blanks as proof[]


McClane asks Lorenzo where Grant is at.

At Marvin's basement home, McClane falls off the stairs near him. As Marvin tended to him, McClane tells him to take him to the airport police station quickly. Marvin drives McClane by cart through the crowd of people in the terminal to the police station while telling the crowd to clear away.

As they reached the station, Lorenzo was about to confront him about taking an airport cart to the airport. McClane asked him where Grant and the Blue Light team are. Lorenzo tells him that Stuart has rigged the equipment on the church with explosives and Grant and his men are going to kill him and get the remote detonator from him. McClane tells Lorenzo that Grant and his men are actually working with Stuart and that they are going to get on the 747 and take off with them. McClane speculates that when the army removed Stuart from command, he must have secretly loaded that Special Forces unit with his own men, but Lorenzo refuses to believe him since he saw the firefight for himself and actually tries to arrest him. To prove the point that the gunfight was faked, McClane shoves Lorenzo away and fires Garber's MP5 at him, causing a momentary panic in which John is almost shot by the other cops. But to his surprise and relief, Lorenzo finds that he is okay, and John shows the blank magazine to Lorenzo as proof. Lorenzo is finally shocked by Grant's deception, and calls every officer in the airport to the motor pool with body armor and full weaponry. McClane follows Lorenzo as every officer scrambles to get moving.


John after firing blanks from the MP5 at Carmine Lorenzo.

As McClane goes through the panicking crowd of travelers, thanks to reporter Richard Thornburg revealing the terrorist situation to the media, Lorenzo tells every officer to converge to Hangar 11 and show up with backup. He tells McClane to get in his car. As they got in, Lorenzo tells McClane to say hi to his brother, Vito, who just so happens to be the same police sergeant who towed his car and gave him the parking ticket earlier, much to McClane's displeasure. As Lorenzo took off, they crashed into a taxi and the panicking crowd was in the way. As Lorenzo was cursing out to get the car out of the way, McClane got out of it and saw Coleman nearby. He goes to her asking for her help to get to Hangar 11. She happily agrees, stating that if he gets her the story, she will have his baby. McClane replies that that isn't the kind of ride he is looking for.

Efforts to stop the terrorist plane[]

As the helicopter took off, McClane gets uncomfortable while onboard a helicopter since he doesn't like to fly. Coleman asks what he was doing here then and McClane that he doesn't like to lose either. Then they spotted the 747 that the terrorists are on. Then McClane hears that the radio message from Holly's plane, Northwest 140, is going to make a emergency landing since they are out of fuel and won't be able to see the runway due to the snowstorm.

Concerned that his wife's plane was going to crash, McClane yells out to the pilot to get in front of the plane, but he refuses to do so. McClane instead tells the pilot to get on top the left wing. As they do so, McClane opens the hatch and is ready to jump down the plane's left wing, much to the shock of Coleman and the other news crew. Then McClane tells the pilot to lower him down, the pilot reluctantly doing so. McClane jumps off the helicopter and gets on the plane's wing.


"Yippee ki yay, motherfucker!"

While on the plane's wing, McClane uses his parka jacket to block the plane's ailerons, stopping the plane from taking off. He hid as Grant came out of the plane. McClane then ambushes Grant and they fought. As Grant grabs McClane, he tells McClane that he kind of liked him. As McClane kicked him towards the engine, he counters to Grant that he's got enough friends. Then, he gives one final kick to Grant, causing to slip to the jet's engine. Grant eventually gets sucked into it, shredding him to death.

McClane sees the fuel dump hatch and opens it before facing Colonel Stuart. Stuart proves to be a skilled marital artist and knocks him down (though John is able to get few hits on Stuart). Then Stuart kicks him to the edge of the wing. But McClane managed to open dump tank before he was kicked off the plane, causing the 747 to leak fuel.

McClane, who hit the runway hard from the fall, lights up his lighter since he was near the fuel line and says "Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker" before he tossed the lighter in the fuel line to ignite it, causing the fuel to go the plane's wing and destroying it in a huge explosion, killing all the terrorists onboard. He yells out in excitement he just killed all the terrorists onboard the plane and he set up the makeshift landing light for Holly. When the other pilots circling the airport saw the light, they decided to follow Holly's plane and land as well.



Holly and John embrace.

As Holly's plane safely landed on the ground, as well as the other trapped aircraft above Dulles airspace, McClane rushes to the sight where the planes stopped and slips on the ground once to get to Holly's plane. As he yelled out Holly's name, McClane sees Holly above to leave the plane. They happily embraced and a fireman puts a warm blanket on them as Coleman and her crew watch proudly at them. Holly says the news said they we're terrorists in the airport and McClane replied that he heard that too. Holly asked why do these things keep happening to them. McClane didn't know how to answer that. But then happily suggests that they go home. Marvin drives his cart over to the sight to pick up McClane and Holly. As they got in, Lorenzo arrived and asked McClane if he got a parking ticket in his airport. McClane nodded. Lorenzo decides to tear it up since it's the holidays. McClane smiled at Lorenzo for the first time for doing something good for once as he and Holly took off with Marvin.

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