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This is a description of John McClane's actions during Live Free or Die Hard.

Live Free or Die Hard

McClane in New Jersey

McClane sees Jim with his estranged daughter, Lucy, making out in the car at Rutgers University at Camden, New Jersey and when the boy was getting rough with her, McClane stepped in out of nowhere and broke it up. Lucy is surprised and not happy to see her father, since she told everyone that he was dead and is now using her mother's maiden name, Gennero. She pushes both her father and her boyfriend away from her as she went to her college dorm alone. As Jim left, McClane went to his car. He watches Lucy at her room from his car. Then his captain, Jack Scalvino, contacts him on the radio and asked what he was doing in Camden, since they activated his LoJack tracker on his car, which McClane didn't turned on. Scalvino tells him to pick up a hacker name Matt Farrell and take to the FBI at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC. McClane asked his captain to get someone else to do it, but Scalvino says that the FBI wants a senior detective to do it and that they had a computer glitch that happened in their servers. McClane reluctantly accepts the assignment as the light in Lucy's dorm room was turned off. He drives off to the apartment where Farrell lives at.

John meets Matt Farrell for the first time.

As McClane arrived at Farrell's apartment, he knocked on the door. As Farrell opened the door, he lies to McClane that he's doesn't live there anymore and that he is someone else. Then a neighbor invites Farrell to join him for a party, which McClane realizes the young man he's speaking to is Farrell and tells him to open the door. Farrell removes the deadbolt on his door and lets him in.

Farrell asked McClane what does he wants. McClane replies that the FBI in the DC field office want to talk to him about the computer breach in the FBI office. He was checking out Farrell's collection of toy action figures and dolls. When McClane tells the hacker to let's go, he says that he has to power down his computers. As McClane was looking at his collection, Farrell tried to escape by going to the fire escape, but the window was jammed. Then a bullet came out of nowhere on the window. McClane gets Farrell down as the wave of sniper gunfire spread across the window and into the apartment. As the gunfire stopped, McClane lets out his SIG-Sauer P220 pistol. As he tried to see where the sniper was, McClane sees the shooter in the parking lot and fires back at him. Then he and Farrell crawled down to the front door. Then he quietly takes the hacker to the elevator and presses the button. McClane hears footsteps coming to the stairway. He sees the fire extinguisher nearby and tosses it to the stairway. AS the gunman arrived and we're about to fire, McClane fires his pistol at the moving fire extinguisher and it explodes, throwing one of the assassins out of the window and into the hood of the truck below.

As the other two assassins came back, McClane and Farrell retreated back to the apartment. McClane was pushing the refrigerator to barricade door as he yelled at Farrell to get out of there when he foolishly tried to deadbolt the door. The refrigerator went down, blocking the door. As he was reloading his pistol, one of the men slammed into the door, forcing McClane to lose his pistol when the door hit the refrigerator. The man fired at the door and the nearby wall to damage it open. McClane climbed on the fallen refrigerator. Then he grabbed one of the gunman by the hair through the wall, pulls him in and breaks his neck, killing him. Then McClane takes back his gun and crawls to Farrell's bedroom he was hiding in as the last remaining assassin destroys the door to get in. When McClane sees the hitman wasn't looking at the bedroom, he fires his pistol at him and hits him in the right leg, causing the assassin to take cover at the kitchen counter. As they spray continue to bullets at each other, McClane blinds fire at the henchman and runs out of bullets on his last magazine. As the assassin was limping closer to the bedroom, The Terminator figure statue falls into the keyboard on Farrell's computer and accidently hits the delete button which sets off the pre-planted bomb that was on Farrell's computer. The explosion kills the third assassin and causes damage to Farrell's apartment, but McClane and Farrell survived when they stood against the wall at Farrell's bedroom.

Circus in town

John and Farrell hide from the assassins in the ruined apartment.

After the explosion, McClane takes the debris-covered dead assassin's Heckler & Koch UMP-45 machine gun as Farrell asked him if he did that explosion. McClane says he didn't do that as they slowly leave the burning apartment. After seeing that the coast is clear, McClane and Farrell walked down to the fire escape to the alley. As they went to the ground, McClane sees the van near his car and knows the van was the assassins' vehicle. Then he, with the machine gun raised, escorts Farrell to his car. As McClane started the vehicle and is backing out, he tells Farrell to open the glove box and get a magazine for his pistol out of the thing. Just as he said that, Del, one of the assassins, breaks his car window and tries to strangle McClane with his arm. He tells Farrell to get the gun from the back seat and shoot Del. But when Farrell couldn't reach for it, McClane puts his car on drive and moves forward, dragging Del as he is still choking him. He sees the garage bin in front. McClane steers near it and Del gets hit on the bin, freeing McClane from his choke hold.

Then the sniper, Rand, acrobatically jumps down from the parking lot to the alley below to stop them. McClane sees Rand coming down and tells Farrell to get down as he increased speed. Rand jumps to the steel gate as McClane rams at it. As he looks at Rand is on the gate, he mockingly asked "Is the circus in town?". When Rand was about to shoot him and Farrell, McClane drives to another trash bin and it hit the gate off the vehicle, causing the assassin to hit the wall of the building, but not killing him. Farrell looks on with amazement and asked McClane if he saw that. McClane replies he saw it because he did it. Then McClane informs a chief detective of the Camden Police Department about the police shooting in his jurisdiction as they drive away.

Later on, as McClane was driving, he sees Farrell was shaking. He tells him it's the adrenaline and it will pass. The terrified hacker asked if he was scared back there and McClane admits that he was scared despite his calmness. Farrell asked the cop who saved him if he done that kind of stuff he did at his apartment before. McClane replies that he all that heroic action before, but not for a long time. Farrell asked who was those people who we're trying to kill them and blew up his apartment. McClane corrects the hacker that they are there to kill him. Farrell asked McClane why would these assassins want to kill him and McClane says that he is the only one who knows since he's the criminal as he drives Farrell out of Camden, heading for Washington DC.

Fire Sale

The next morning, McClane and Farrell arrived in Washington DC. Then McClane wakes up Farrell with the volume of the classic rock music on his car radio. Farrell complains about how old rock sucked back then that sucks now. McClane turns the volume up even higher, which makes Farrell not very thrilled about McClane's immature behavior. As they caught up in traffic, McClane was searching the radio for the news of the shooting in Camden. When Farrell complains that the news is completely manipulated, McClane sternly tells the hacker to shut up. At this time, the light turns green and a large truck hits McClane and Farrell's car, and McClane asks Farrell if he was okay and the hacker replies that he's not alright since he never been in a car accident. McClane tells him to stay in the car as he goes find out what's going on. He briefly checks on the cab driver near his car and goes on top of it. McClane sees all the traffic lights are green. He gets Farrell, who was still shaken up by the crash, out of the car and goes to the Hoover Building on foot.

McClane and Farrell made to the Hoover Building during the chaos of the suspected anthrax attack scare. Then they arrived in the FBI mobile command center. McClane asked if FBI deputy director Miguel Bowman was in there. Molina, Bowman's assistant, says that it will have to wait. McClane says that he brought Farrell here from direct orders from Bowman. Then Bowman comes over to them and lets McClane and Farrell in the mobile command post.

Shortly afterwards, McClane was getting patched up as Bowman says while he appreciates him bringing Farrell to them, but everything has now changed and they are deep into damage control. McClane and Farrell we're watching of a recent events, including the shutdown of the transportation systems, anthrax alarm scare and the shutdown of the Stock Market. Bowman states that they ran drills for something like their current situation. McClane sees some pictures and asked if the men are suspects. Bowman says that they we're, but all seven of the hackers we're killed in the last 24 hours, which McClane suspects that there might be a connection between what happened in Camden and the recent cyber-attacks. He asked Farrell if he knew these people, which the hacker denies that he knew the dead hackers. Then the cyber-terrorists let out the message made up out of various American Presidents through the television networks that they are going to shut down all computerized systems of America.

As Bowman and the other agents figure out the next move, Farrell realizes that the terrorists are conducting an operation called Fire Sale. McClane asked what the Fire Sale is. Farrell tells that Fire Sale is a three-step systematic attack on a national computer infrastructure that shuts down all transportation, financial and utility systems. Bowman show less interest in his theory. But McClane vouches that Farrell maybe right since the men that tried to kill him we're professional assassins carrying full tactical gear and they bombed his place. He deduces to Bowman that all maybe connected to what's been going on now. Bowman is having Homeland Security question Farrell and McClane will accompany them. Bowman gives McClane his card.

Helicopter and cyber chase

After they were leaving the mobile command center, McClane and Farrell we're met by FBI Agent Johnson, who McClane remembers the two Agent Johnsons back in the Nakatomi Plaza, and are taken to the FBI police car. McClane asked if anything he said about Fire Sale. Farrell repeats that if one thing gets taken out, the system will recover, but if all of them down, the system crashes and the results are catastrophic.

As McClane, Farrell and the FBI agents are heading for the DHS Headquarters, Agent Johnson radios to one of the agents, Laughlin, to have DC Metro clear the route for them. Once Farrell complained about being hungry again, McClane tells him to shut up and asked if he knew the dead hackers in the wall. McClane tells Farrell he's a cop and knows he's lying. Farrell confessed that the dead hackers we're actually his competition. He states to McClane that he does math-based security and thought the cyber-terrorists are a software firm that developed a mutating encryption algorithm and wanted to check to see if it can be cracked, so he passed his algorithm to them. He swears to McClane that he never thought that he was going to accessory on this terrorist attack. As the female dispatcher was clearing the route for FBI, Farrell recognizes her voice as the woman he spoke before when he passed his algorithm. McClane takes the radio and speaks to the woman with a code. The woman says that they had to dispatch all units. McClane confirms that she's a fake and demands to put her boss. As McClane said that, Johnson tells Laughlin to get off the route their heading at. The mastermind behind the cyber-terrorist attack speaks to McClane. He says they'll have plenty of time to get to know each other when he goes to prison. But the mastermind says he already knows so much about him, such as his address in Brooklyn, his years in the New York Department and his personal life. The mastermind reveals that he knows that McClane and Holly are divorced and asked if it was tough on his children, Lucy and Jack. The mastermind also reveals that McClane should be a better pension plan annuity and erased his 401k account. The mastermind tempts McClane to kill Farrell and walk away so that his debts will be wiped clean and his children will be set for life. McClane admits that is tempting offer, but passes off on it. The mastermind says he'll lose. But McClane counters that he will come and find him & his group.

Then the terrorist helicopter arrived and Del fired at them, killing Johnson. McClane and Farrell got down as Del guns down another agent. Laughlin pulls Johnson's body, trying to have McClane and Farrell leave the vehicle, but Del shot him dead. McClane puts the car on reserve to get away from the gunfire as he evaded the helicopter. He tells Farrell to stay down as he performs 180 degree angle turn and drives forward fast. McClane dodges gunfire from the chopper with sharp turns. Then he sees a fire hydrant and runs over it, causing a flow of water to hit Del. Del then fell off the chopper onto the truck of the car and onto payment, killing him. McClane then moves forward again. The chopper then returned and Rand prepares to fire at them. Farrell sees the tunnel nearby and McClane went on the onramp that leads as Rand fires at them. McClane drives to the tunnel as they succeed in they evaded the helicopter.

As McClane was driving the long tunnel, he sees car occupying all lanes coming at him. He makes an abrupt 180 degree turn to avoid getting hit. As he drive in the other direction, another line of cars we're coming in. Then the lights in the tunnel we're shutting down. McClane sees that the terrorists have blocked them in with oncoming cars. When all the lights on the tunnel we're shut off, Farrell got out of the car in a panic, despite McClane yelling at him not to get out of the car. Then an oncoming car which just turned on his headlights was coming at him and McClane quickly jumps out of the car as it hit the FBI car and he rolled over the hood of the car. Then he sees Farrell about to struck by several cars. McClane got up quickly, ran to get him out of danger. He pulled Farrell out one of the oncoming vehicles way. Then a flying car was coming at them. McClane and Farrell ducked down as the flying car hits two oncoming cars in between them. The rolling car collides into the tow truck, causing the driver of it to hit his head on the windshield. The runaway tow truck was coming at them. McClane and Farrell ran to the nearby pillar and took cover as the tow truck hit the pillar.

After the violent wreckage was over, McClane hears the terrorist hovering nearby the entrance of the tunnel he and Farrell came in at. He tells Farrell to stay hidden as he goes and deals the helicopter. As he walked on wrecked cars to the FBI police car, McClane mutters to himself how he got himself into his current situation. He started a car and drives towards the helicopter as he dodged the wrecked cars. Rand fired at oncoming car and the hood of the car got hit, setting it on fire. As he was close enough to the chopper, McClane jumps out the car and rolls on the payment. Then the car went up from the tool booth and hit the chopper, destroying it and killing the pilot inside, although Rand jumps out of the helicopter in time.

McClane after destroying the helicopter.

McClane laughs a little in triumph as he fights the pain of various minor injuries. Farrell rushed over to him. He asked if McClane was okay. He says it was a lucky shot. Farrell states his impression at McClane destroying the helicopter with a car and he nodded. As Farrell helped him up, McClane says to himself that he is getting too old to jump out of cars as they are leaving the tunnel.

Discovering the terrorists' next move

As they left the tunnel, Farrell notice how pained McClane looked. But McClane refuses to see a doctor since he said he needs the cops. Then they went to the police station, where a crowd of scared people we're at. McClane asked a police sergeant for help, but the police sergeant is highly occupied by a crowd of terrified people. After not getting any much help, McClane and Farrell, who realized in horror for what he unknowingly was a part of, leave the station.

McClane was about to call Bowman on Farrell's cell when the hacker stops him from using since the terrorists have probably cracked it and will be traced when used. McClane unhappily throws it down, breaking it. He then takes a cell phone from someone else and tells the caller that the person he was speaking to will call right back. He calls Bowman from the alley. McClane informs the deputy director that they didn't made it to the DHS because the cyber-terrorists came after Farrell again and all his agents are down, but that Farrell is with him now. Then he and Farrell watched from the window of a café that the terrorists are sending a taunting message everyone watching the news about if someone dialed 911 and help never arrived. Then they see footage of the US Capitol exploded, which shocks both McClane and Farrell. Then McClane rushed over to look at the Capitol with Farrell following. Then sees that the Capitol is still standing and warns Bowman that the footage was a fake. Bowman confirms to McClane that he sees the Capitol before the satellite network went dead, being shut down by the terrorists.

McClane and Ferrell head to the Eastern Power Hub.

They went back to the alley and tries to use the cell phone again, but to no avail. Farrell somberly regrets writing his own code and the world is now falling apart. He recalls that when he heard about the concept the fire sale, he thought it would be cool if anyone had really done it. McClane reminds Farrell it's not about the system. It's about a whole country full of people scared to death in their homes because of what's going on. He sternly tells Farrell to help him catch these people. He asked the hacker what he do next if it was his operation. Farrell tells McClane that the fire sale is mostly done remote, but major utilities are run by closed-circuit and they would have to go there physically to shut it down. He takes the PDA from McClane and relinks it to the old SATCOMs. McClane is impressed by Farrell's knowledge of all the technology as Farrell says that there are three power station in the country, each with the primary hub. He shows McClane the location of the Eastern Power Hub in Middleton, West Virginia and says if they take it down, it will wipe all the power in the Eastern corridor of America. McClane decides to head for the power station with Farrell reluctantly following him.

Why McClane does what he does

They found a car to use to get in. When McClane tries to hotwire the car, Farrell tries to warn him that he could disable the engine since the car is new. So Farrell hit the front of the car with the trash bin and it lets out the airbags, which hits McClane by surprise. Then the On-Star operator contacted them and Farrell poses as a son of a dying man in an attempt to get the engine started. After awhile, the operator starts up the car they are borrowing and they drive off to go to Power Hub in West Virginia.

Later, McClane and Farrell crossed the border of West Virginia. McClane praises Farrell for making the On-Star operator start the car. He then asked the hacker what was wrong with him. Farrell says that he's not heroic and brave like him. McClane says he was just doing his job, despite Farrell admitting that he saved his life about 10 times in the last few hours. McClane says that you get nothing for being a hero and the repercussions of it. He bitterly states that it cost him his marriage with Holly and is estranged from his kids. Farrell asked McClane why he does he is doing now. McClane replies because there no one else to do it. He also admits to Farrell is there was someone to do it, he would let them to do it, but there's not which is why they are doing this. Farrell figures that is what makes McClane heroic. McClane remained silent as he and Farrell continue to head for the Power Hub.

Action at Power Hub

McClane and Farrell arrived in the power station at night. McClane looked around the area of the main entrance and sees a FBI helicopter in the nearby helipad. As they downstairs in the security room, McClane finds out that Farrell is right since the bodies of two security guards we're found in the room. He asks Farrell where they will shut down the power grid and Farrell finds out they will shut it down at the Central Control Room on the fourth floor. They headed for up the stairs to the control room. As they we're sneaking up, Farrell says McClane that he needs to catch a breath while trying to keep up. McClane says he needs to go to the gym. Farrell was about to say something when one of the terrorists appeared from the door behind him. McClane and the henchman get into a brief fight. When the henchman tries to grab McClane from behind, McClane pushes to the behind them and head butts in the face. He grabs the thug's holstered Glock 22 pistol and shots at the man's foot, wounding him. He then takes the Glock 22 and kills the terrorist down with it. He drops the Glock 22 and reacquires his SIG Sauer P220, which was dropped during the fight. Then McClane and Farrell continue to go upstairs.

At the central control room, McClane stops the female terrorist, which was revealed to be Mai Linh, from shutting down the power grid. As he takes Mai's suppressed Heckler & Koch P2000SK pistol and moves Mai away from the console, Farrell takes over the console. Then Mai then fights back and proves to be a formidable martial artist against McClane. Then Mai knocks McClane down in one of the glass-enclosed computer desks. As McClane was getting up, he mutters that he see some bitches in his day, but views Mai as the biggest one of all as he tackles her from behind. Then McClane kicks Mai in the face while down to the ground. Then he pins her down and knocks her in the face. Then he tossed Mai across the shelf, rendering her unconscious. Then he removes the strain of Mai's hair off his hand and asked Farrell if he was done yet. Farrell says he is still working of it. As he said that, McClane sees Mai has regained consciousness and coming at him. He tries to hit him with a flat computer screen, but she blocks it and kicks him out of the window. He falls on the vent, then to the top of the van and into the pavement.

"Fuck you, bitch!"

McClane, who was hurt in the fall, looks around and sees an employee part lot nearby. He also sees a van near him and slowly gets up. Then he gets in the SUV, starts it up and heads in the parking garage. McClane drives up to the fourth floor and rams through the glass access that leads to the central control room. He rams Mai down on it, but she was clinging onto the hood of it. McClane rams the SUV into the elevator shaft, causing the SUV to fall into it with McClane inside it and Mai hanging on to it. As the SUV was heading by the elevator cables, McClane and Mai we're climbing until the cable that was holding the vehicle broke loose. But The SUV crashed into a beam, forcing McClane to the front seat of the falling vehicle. Then Mai kicks McClane out of the SUV. But McClane barely grabs the window rim of the broken driver side door. As he climbed up, Mai hits him again. But McClane grabs the two cables and tries to strangle Mai with them. When Mai got them loose, McClane climbs into the SUV and knocks her out with a hard punch. As he was trying to climb out of the dangling SUV, Mai's second henchman appeared and fired at him. As McClane was pinned by the back seat, the henchman kept fire at him. Then Farrell hit him from behind with a pipe, causing that henchman to fall on top the SUV and sliding off it to the bottom of the shaft below. McClane then ascended to the broken back window and barely grabbed the elevator cable before the SUV broke loose on the beam. The vehicle fell into the bottom of the shaft and exploded when it hit the ground, with Mai inside it. McClane watched in relief that Mai is finally dead and lets out a triumphant yell while holding onto the cable.

McClane mocking Thomas Gabriel over the phone.

After he climbed back up, McClane asked if Farrell if he stopped the hack. Farrell replies that it was harder with a gun to the head. McClane asked the hacker if he can lock them out. Farrell says that he might slow them down. McClane watches as Farrell reactivates the online security systems on the power plant and using pop-up banners in attempt to e-bomb the cyber-terrorists. Then someone is calling them on the portable video phone. As Farrell re-routes the system, McClane answers. The caller was the mastermind behind the Fire Sale, asking for Mai. McClane taunts him that Mai is dead in the bottom of the elevator shaft when a SUV ram up on her. As Farrell got the picture of the mastermind, McClane tells him that his plan is over and suggests to pack up or he'll come and find him. The enraged leader says that he doesn't know who he is and what he's capable of. He says to McClane that he'll go after him when he is finished and shuts off the video call.

Shortly afterwards, McClane contacts Bowman and Farrell send the FBI the picture of the mastermind, whom Bowman recognizes as Thomas Gabriel. Bowman tells McClane that Gabriel was a former chief programmer for America's infrastructure security for the Department of Defense. After 9/11, Gabriel was the one who told Joint Chief the system was vulnerable and pushing for total overhaul, but no one would listen to him. Then he tried to go public, the government publicly humiliated him and denounced him. Then Farrell spotted a problem. He warns McClane that the cyber-terrorists are sending the gas lines to the power plant. McClane quickly warns Bowman to find Gabriel before hanging up. As the exploding gas lines we're coming at the plant, Farrell quickly packed his things as McClane pushes him to leave. They left the control room as the lines we're almost at the station. They quickly ran downstairs to the parking lot. McClane pushes Farrell inside as the van that they are planning to use as a bomb shelter as the gas line hits the power plant. McClane gets in the van, the exploding fireball pushes the van with them inside to the wall, surviving the attack.

Receiving intel from the Warlock

After the attack was over, McClane and Farrell barely managed to get out of the van. McClane tells Farrell it has to do with the algorithm he gave to Gabriel and his men. Farrell, shaken by the attack, says that they got kicked out. He says to McClane that he doesn't even know what they wanted from him and admits if he did knew, he would tell him. McClane witnesses the lights in the area are shutting down due the destruction of the power plant. Farrell had a plan. He says that they should see Frederick "Warlock" Kaludis, a friend of his who is a genius computer hacker, in his house in Baltimore. McClane was reluctant to go there, but Farrell assures him that The Warlock is their only hope to find the cyber-terrorists. McClane decides to head there with the nearby FBI helicopter that Mai and her men used to get in the power hub with.

At the helicopter, McClane helps him buckle up the in the co-pilot seat. Farrell says he's kind of afraid of flying. McClane admits he was once terrified of flying and took some flying lessons to face his fear of flying, but says that he didn't really help him much. After awhile with the helicopter controls, McClane says that taking off is the hardest part. Then the helicopter took off. As they are flying to Baltimore, McClane is shocked that the whole area is blacked out of electrical power. He asked Farrell where to find Warlock's house. The hacker replies that it's going be the one with the lights still on. They eventually reached the Warlock's house since it's the only one that still has power. McClane makes the landing near the metal fence. The back rotor of the helicopter cut through the metal fence as McClane and Farrell landed the chopper. After shutting down the chopper, Farrell mocks that taking off is the hardest part as they left the helicopter.

As they heading to the house, Farrell informs McClane that Warlock despises cops and let him do the talking. After Farrell knocked the door, Warlock's mother, Mrs. Kaludis answered. McClane listens in as Farrell says that he and Warlock are friends. Mrs. Kaludis leads to the basement where her son set up his own command post that is powered by five generators. Warlock was surprised that Farrell showed up with someone with him, which was McClane. While Warlock and Farrell we're speaking about Farrell being hunted by assassins, McClane was about to use the CB radio when Warlock stopped him. McClane says to Warlock that the CB radio seemed a little low-tech for him and Warlock says his end-of-the-world insurance. He stared at the poster of Boba Fett. Warlock demanded to Farrell to know who the man with him is. Farrell tried to lie that he is his dad, but McClane says that he's a cop. Warlock was angry that Farrell brought a cop to his post since he has issues with them. McClane tells Warlock about what he knows about Gabriel. Warlock recognizes the name and demands both him and Farrell to leave his house. McClane sternly tells the heavily-weighted Warlock to tell him what he wants to know or he'll beat him to death in his house. Warlock then helps them out.

Warlock tells them that DOD recruited Thomas Gabriel four years ago and relentlessly try to tell everyone that America's security infrastructure is wide open to compromise. Gabriel breaks in the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and uses a laptop to shut down NORAD to prove his point. But they pointed at gun to stop the hack and was dismissed as the result of it. McClane asked Warlock how to find the man and the fat hacker says that he disappeared from the grid. McClane thought it's a dead end until Farrell informs Warlock that he wrote a mutating algorithmic code to them and ask if what Gabriel is using it for. Warlock says that the only system currently employed with Farrell's template is being used in the Social Security Administration. But it's not being in the main building and it's being used with some mysterious chilling towers in Woodlawn. McClane asked what the chilling tower is, much to Warlock's shock that McClane is not technical savvy. Farrell says to McClane that large server farms generate a lot of heat and it needed to be cooled down. Warlock says that whatever is in that building, it's not social security numbers.

Then after a few moments, someone called out to Warlock's name and asked what he's doing digging inside his network. Then the video conference call came in and it was Gabriel who spoke to them. When Gabriel threatens Warlock, he panics, but McClane is unflinching. Gabriel says to McClane that he thought he killed him already. McClane says he gets that sometimes. He covers the camera with his hand and silently tells Warlock to trace the call. Warlock and Farrell start tracing the video call as Gabriel says that covering the camera does not turn off the microphone. McClane admits that he's not smart with the computer stuff, but mocks Gabriel that he's still alive. He remarks him that he's probably running out of bad guys and asks if he has an 800 number he orders henchmen from. McClane then brags that he killed Mai, not only mocking her martial arts skills, but also saying that she was smoking hot, and that it will be difficult to find another 'hooker' like her. Gabriel states that he must be impressed with himself. McClane says that he has his moments. Gabriel asked if this was one of them and then reveals in another camera that has Lucy, who is trapped in the elevator during the blackout. Gabriel calls her in the elevator and poses as the Emergency dispatcher. McClane tries in vain to get her off the phone, but she can't hear him. McClane listens helplessly as Lucy tells Gabriel, whom she thinks he's a dispatcher, to contact her father for her. Gabriel says that he will and they hung up. Gabriel mocks the outraged McClane. Then Warlock silently informs McClane that Gabriel is in Woodlawn and leaves the house with Farrell following him.

As McClane was getting in Warlock's car, Farrell what he's going to do. McClane says he's going to kill Gabriel and go get Lucy. He tries to tell Farrell to stay with Warlock since it's going to be messy and thanks him for his help. As McClane got in the car, Farrell gets in the passenger seat willingly. Knowing there is no talking Farrell out of hit, McClane tells him to buckle as they took off, heading for Woodlawn.

Going to rescue Lucy at Woodlawn

Later, as McClane was driving to Woodlawn, he asked Farrell if he can reach Bowman through the PDA. Farrell disappointedly tells him that Gabriel must've shut down all satellite links since the PDA is dead. Farrell apologizes to McClane for what's happening with Lucy and it was his fault that he got himself into this. McClane says to Farrell that he's got nothing to be sorry about.

McClane and Farrell later arrived in Woodlawn, which was taken over by Gabriel and his men as they intend to steal the top-secret backup financial data that is below the Social Security Administration building. They sneaked in the building through the exterior vent. Farrell says the layout shows that the cooling towers are kept at the bottom level. As McClane and Farrell went to the third below level, Farrell sees the server near them and must control the cooling system in the mainframe. McClane watches Farrell as he hacked in and tripped the alarm in one of the three cooling towers, since it might alert Bowman. As Farrell was trying to find the floor plan of the place, he and McClane we're caught by Russo, one of Gabriel's men. When Russo was getting closer to McClane, he grabs the henchman as Russo was sneaking up on him. As McClane held onto Russo from behind him, the henchman fired at Farrell, but the hacker fell down into the cooling tower. McClane then headbutts the terrorist and pushes him into the office chair. He pushes the chair to the stairway and tossed Russo down, injuring him. McClane looks into the open vent leading to the cooling tower for Farrell and calling his name, but gets no response. He went to Russo and confronts into revealing where Lucy is, but gets no cooperation. Then Gabriel checks in to Russo on the radio. McClane takes the radio and taunts Gabriel that it looks Russo is on his way to meet up with Mai. Then he gives the radio to Russo, who tried to reveal Gabriel where McClane and Farrell are at, but McClane fires his pistol away from him to scare Gabriel into thinking that he killed Russo. He taunts the cyber-terrorist that he's coming for him. He takes Russo's Beretta Px4 Storm pistol and ammo and leaves him injured in the stairway.

John navigates through Woodlawn.

McClane was heading to the corridor when Gabriel speaks to him on the radio, asking if he is coming to get him as planned. McClane replies that is the plan. Gabriel asked what makes McClane think that he won't kill Lucy right now. McClane says that Gabriel is scared of him because Lucy would be dead already and that she's his bargaining chip. Gabriel tries to convince McClane that he tried to warn the US government that the very systematic attack he committed would happen if they didn't prepare, but no one would listen to him and is doing America a favor by breaking the entire infrastructure to get everyone's attention. McClane doesn't really buy his story and he's coming for him. Then Gabriel had Lucy on the radio in an attempt to get him to focus. But she helps her father with that they are only 5 men left. McClane tells Lucy that he's coming for her as he continued his journey in the sub-levels in the building.

At one of the cooling fans, McClane entered the room which was cold. Then he speaks to Gabriel that he might want to think of something to put on his headstone. Suddenly, shots we're fired from below by Rand. Then McClane fired back at him, but Rand skillfully jumps from one object to another to avoid getting hit. As Rand was getting closer to him, McClane reloads the pistol and fires at him again. Although McClane kicks Rand's pistol away, the assassin hits him and kicks him off the bridge. McClane hangs on by the railing as Rail acrobatically jumps into another railing and kicks him towards the cooling fan. As McClane tries to reach for Russo's pistol that's near the fan, Rand arrives from the vertical vent. Rand jumps in between nitrogen pipes and grabs the pistol. As Rand fires at McClane, he sees the liquid nitrogen switch. As Rand was climbing up the pipes, McClane kicks the switch and it activates the nitrogen. The spray of it hits Rand's arms and he fell to the cooling fan, shredding him to death.

Showdown with the F-35

John on top of the semi truck.

As McClane was at the main entrance of the building, he sees a Hazmet truck, that has Lucy and Farrell onboard with Gabriel and his remaining men, and the semi-truck following them leaving Woodlawn. He goes on top of the balcony and jumps on the top of the semi-trailer's rig. As the truck was moving, McClane ran towards the truck and climbed on the driver's side of it. He fires the pistol through the door and kills the driver, Robinson. He then tosses Robinson's body out of the truck and takes over the semi truck as he follows the Hazmet truck.

As he was chasing the Hazmet truck below the large highway overpass, he sees the CB radio frequency is 66.6 and remembers that was Warlock's frequency. He contacts Warlock and asks for his help to patch him to Bowman. Warlock initially refuses since he is a hacker and Bowman is deputy director of the FBI Cyber-Security Division. McClane angrily tells the hacker that the terrorists have got his daughter. Warlock relents and patches McClane him through to Bowman. After he was patched through, McClane informs Bowman, who was headed for Woodlawn with a team of agents, that Gabriel is heading north of route 695 on the Hazmet truck and he's got Lucy as well as Farrell. Bowman asked for the tag number of the truck so they can track the vehicle by it's LoJack tracking system and McClane gives the tag number to them. He tells Bowman that if anything happens to him, send a cavalry to save Lucy. Bowman gives him his word and McClane continues to pursue the Hazmet vehicle.

McClane hears the engine sound of the F-35 Lightning fighter. Moments later, he sees the fighter jet behind and it fired his missiles at the semi. But it hits the highway pillar near him, causing damage to the highway overpass. He curses at the pilot that he's shooting at the wrong guy. The pilot, who was tricked by Gabriel into attacking the semi truck McClane is in, continues to attack him and the overpass was breaking apart. After the fighter pilot blocks him in and McClane veers away from it's cannons to a onramp. He sees the Hazmet truck turning to another street from the onramp. Then the F-35 fired it's second missile at the semi and it struck at the road near trailer rig, causing to tilt awkwardly. McClane steers the wheel at the opposite direction to prevent further tilting and barely managed to regain control of it.

McClane narrowly survives the F-35's explosion by sliding down a collapsed overpass.

Then the F-35 fires its machine guns at the truck, destroying most of the entire trailer and tearing the roof off of the cab. Then the overhead above the collapsing interstate went down and McClane used it as a ramp to go up. However then the road in front of him collapsed and the truck teetering over the edge. John drove backwards before the highway debris above him hit the truck's front side, forcing it to stop sliding. McClane rolled through the back end of the rig, hanging precariously by the container's door as the parts of the truck, which was the computer station that Gabriel used as a station where they conducted systematic attack, went to the F-35. One of the parts hit the plane's horizontal engines, making it go on a flat spin. Then the tail fin of the plane hits McClane, forcing him on it. As the pilot ejected himself to safety, McClane sees the damage highway ramp and jumps to it as the F-35 fighter crashed behind him.

Seconds to save

McClane crawls out of the damaged onramp. Then, he sees the Hazmet truck from the distance at the warehouse site and follows them by foot.

John firing his commandeered Beretta Px4 Storm pistol at Gabriel's men.

As he reached the warehouse where Gabriel has Lucy and Farrell, McClane kills Trey, Gabriel's lead hacker, and one of Gabriel's henchman, Gabriel hold Lucy at gunpoint to prevent him from shooting him. Then, Emerson, Gabriel's last henchman, shot McClane in the right shoulder, forcing him to loose his pistol. As he went down in pain, Gabriel was about to kill him. Lucy resists against Emerson and tries to kick his gun to his father, but was foiled by Gabriel. Then as Gabriel taunts McClane and forces him up at gunshot. He says that once Farrell finished decrypting the laptop that he encrypt to prevent the files from Woodlawn being used in the wrong hands, he'll kill him and Lucy and that he's going to watch that happen. When Gabriel grinds McClane's shoulder to torture him, Gabriel says that McClane's tombstone will read "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time." McClane says "How about Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker" and then he grabs Gabriel's pistol. He then fires the round through his shoulder and into Gabriel's chest, killing him. As McClane went down, Emerson was about to fire at McClane when Farrell takes

"Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!"

the pistol near him and shoots Emerson dead, saving both McClane and Lucy.

Lucy rushes to her father and tended to him. Lucy says he knew he would come for her. McClane says to his daughter that he did come for her and comforts her as well. Then the FBI arrived and secured the area. Lucy tells her father that he's out of his mind since he shot himself to kill Gabriel. McClane says it just seemed like a good idea at the time and tells Lucy not to tell anyone about how he shot himself.


As McClane and Farrell, who was shot in the leg earlier by Gabriel, were treated by paramedics, Bowman thanks McClane for all of his help at the back of the ambulance before walking away. Lucy asked her father if Matt is okay. McClane remarks sarcastically that he might die from shock while on route to the hospital. Lucy, knowing her father was being sarcastic, gives him a stare. McClane says he's going to go check on Farrell, despite the wounded shoulder. He walks to the ambulance where Farrell was at and asked how it feels to be shot. Farrell smiled and said it feels great since he got a shot of Morphine. McClane says he's got his merit badge and that girls dig scars. Farrell was looking at Lucy longingly as Lucy did the same thing, which McClane noticed and wasn't pleased. He says to Farrell that after all they went through, he would hate to beat him to death.

John and Lucy after it's all over and done with in an ambulance.

Farrell laughs about and said it would suck. He tells Farrell that he'll see him in the hospital. Before he closed the ambulance doors, McClane thanks Farrell for saving his daughter's life. Farrell says that there was nothing else for him to do. McClane replies that what makes him 'that guy' as he closed the door, meaning that he approves of a possible relationship.

Then he returned to the ambulance where Lucy was at and she asked if Farrell said anything about her. McClane barely climbed up in the ambulance as he complained to Lucy, who said that she was just asking. McClane says he is in enough pain already as the ambulance leaves and the credits roll.

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