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"I keep tellin' myself I'm gonna take the stairs just for the exercise, on a hot day like this. But it seems like I always end up riding the lift."
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Karl's death.

Karl was one of Simon Gruber's henchmen who planned to steal $140 billion of gold bullion in the Federal Reserve Bank.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Karl was seen joining up with Simon as they were disguised as businessmen. They headed to the Federal Reserve Bank that was nearby the subway that was bombed by them. As they waited until the alarms went off, Simon met up with Felix Little, the cooperate relations businessman. After they silently killed the bank guards, Karl removes his blazer jacket and reveals he's also disguised as the security guard for the Federal Reserve Bank while they went on the vault elevator to the floor where the gold bullion is kept.

As the other henchmen dealt with the guards, Karl joins up with Simon, along with Mathias Targo and Katya in the gold storage room. Karl was awed by the sight of gold and calls it Fort Knox. As they lead the loader in to steal the gold, Simon states to Karl that the gold they are stealing is 10 times more than Kentucky and that Fort Knox is for tourists as he threw the gold bullion to him, revealing how heavy the gold is. Karl smiled as he held the bullion awkwardly.

Later, Simon warns Karl at the bank lobby that McClane is coming to him and tells him to kill McClane. After he was warned, he spots McClane coming to him. Karl masqureades as the lobby guard and lies that everything in the bank is alright, except for the explosion in the subway. Karl invites McClane to accompany him and the others to the vault floor to check around. Karl, along with Otto, who is posing as a police detective, and their two other comrades, Kurt & Gunther who are posing at bank security guards enter the elevator with McClane. Karl tries to avoid suspicion by making conversation with McClane. He mentions it raining like "dogs and cats", and refers to the elevator as a "lift". As they were heading down in the elevator, McClane spots the badge of Ricky Walsh on Otto's blazer jacket pocket, and pretends to ask about the lottery number the night before. McClane killed Karl by shooting his Beretta 92 pistol through his shirt. The other three men with him were killed afterwards. Karl was the first member of Simon's group to be killed.


  • Karl is probably a reference to Karl Vreski, the main henchman of Hans Gruber in Die Hard since they have a same name, not to mention they worked with separate Gruber brothers.
  • Ironically, Karl was the first to die in Simon's group while Karl from Die Hard was the last to die in Hans' group.


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