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Len Wiseman (born March 4, 1973) is the American director, who directed Live Free or Die Hard. He also had a cameo as the F-35 pilot in the same film.

He also directed Underworld, Underworld: Evolution and 2012 remake of Total Recall, as well as the pilot of the Hawaii Five-O remake. He is the creator of the FOX television series Sleepy Hollow and directed the pilot episode of that show.

Die Hard Trivia[]

  • Director Len Wiseman was 15 years old when he saw the first Die Hard. Once back at home, he made his own version of the film in his own backyard on the family video camera. Twenty years later, he got to direct Live Free or Die Hard. He would use a fight scene from his home movie in this film. Wiseman is also the last name of one of the cops in the movie.
  • The car that is stolen in the film by McClane and Farrell is a 2006 E60 BMW 5 series, which was chosen due to a poll that found that people wanted films that had more BMWs in it. The main reason given was that the alternatives (Audis and Mercedes-Benzes) were too common and not bold and imposing enough to go with the characters in the film. The particular BMW model (5 series) was chosen because Wiseman, found "the 3 series too common, the 7 series too uptight and every other car either too feminine or compensating for a midlife crisis... Everything McClane isn't, yet".
  • Director Len Wiseman makes a cameo as the pilot of the F35 jet. He voiced the cop also named Wiseman. When McClane is driving toward the helicopter, he says, "You think a traffic jam, throwing a car at me is gonna stop me, huh?" Wiseman dubbed the last part of this line ("Gonna stop me"), imitating the voice of Bruce Willis.
  • The elevator shaft sequence was not in the film's script when Len Wiseman was hired as director. Wiseman added it because he associated elevator shafts and claustrophobic spaces with Die Hard.

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