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The M60, officially the United States Machine Gun, Caliber 7.62 mm, M60, is a family of American general-purpose machine guns firing 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges from a disintegrating belt of M13 links. There are several types of live ammunition approved for use in the M60, including ball, tracer, and armor-piercing rounds. It was introduced in 1957. It has served with every branch of the U.S. military and still serves with other armed forces, though has been widely replaced by other variants. The M60 weighs around 23 pounds.

Die Hard[]


Alexander fires his M60E3 machine gun at Al Powell's police car.

Alexander is seen firing an M60E3 at Al Powell's squad car after McClane throws Marco's corpse out of the window of the Nakatomi building, alerting Powell to the true nature of the terrorist situation. The M60E3 is the scaled-down variant of the M60, easily handheld and therefore equipped with a foregrip.

A soldier in the gunship helicopter carrying the FBI is seen firing an M60 at John McClane after they see him firing the MP5 into the air to warn the Nakatomi hostages, mistaking him for a terrorist. McClane is seen running barefoot from the M60's bullets after they shoot at him, missing and hitting the roof. Special Agent Johnson unsuccessfully later tries to kill McClane with a Steyr SSG-69 sniper rifle after the M60 attempt fails. 

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

As John McClane, along with Zeus Carver and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, surrounded the warehouse in the border town in Quebec where Simon Gruber and the others are prepare to distribute the gold they stole in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, the men sounded the alarm. Then Simon and Katya boarded the chopper and lets out the M60 Machine Gun to kill McClane once and for all. After the chopper takes off, Simon fires the M60 at the chopper where McClane and Zeus are at. Simon was able to shoot down the chopper, forcing it to land.

M60 in Die Hard 3

Then he sees McClane moving away from the chopper and fires his M60 at him. As McClane ducked for cover on the car, Simon sees him trying to point his Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver at the chopper. As the chopper cornered McClane, Simon stares at McClane with the eye and prepares to finish him off with the M60. Then Simon sees McClane hitting the power line above the chopper and yells out to Katya to get them out of there as he frantically fires the M60 at McClane. Then the power line falls to the chopper's main rotor and causes an explosion that incinerates it, killing Simon and Katya, as well as destroying the M60 Machine Gun.


  • The M60E3 was popular in '80s action movies such as Commando and Rambo: First Blood Part II