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"The next time you have a chance to kill someone, don’t hesitate!"
―Marco [src]

Marco was an Italian terrorist employed by Hans Gruber, helping to plant C-4 explosives on the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza building along with Heinrich and Uli during the group’s attempt to steal the $640 million dollars in bearer bonds locked in the Nakatomi Vault. He and Heinrich were both killed when they tried to stop New York City Police Department detective John McClane from disrupting their plans only to be shot to death. He is a minor antagonist.

Die Hard[]

Marco was among the terrorists who arrived at the Nakatomi Building in a Pacific Courier truck. After pulling up in the parking lot, he disembarked and went with the rest of the group in an elevator to secure the 30th floor. After rounding up the hostages (including two executives making out in an office), Marco was paired with Heinrich and Uli as they transported missiles across the 35th floor and was later seen setting C-4 explosives with them on the building's roof. When John McClane intentionally triggered the building's fire alarm system, Marco asked Heinrich if they should investigate; the latter decided not to and both returned to work.

Later, as McClane attempted to draw the attention of Sgt. Al Powell by breaking an office window on the 34th floor, Marco and Heinrich were radioed by James and promptly responded to the call. When he got there, McClane spun around and held him at gunpoint. As he pleaded with the cop not to shoot, Heinrich sped through the door and was promptly shot dead by McClane, who dived for cover under a nearby conference table. Marco mounted the table and began wildly firing his submachine gun into the tabletop in a bid to intimidate him.

When the pair reached the end of the table, Marco taunted "You are done! No more table! Where are you going pal?!" As Marco slammed a fresh a magazine into his rifle, he continued, "Next time you have a chance to kill someone, don't hesitate". As he finished loading his weapon and prepared to fire, McClane shot 16 rounds through the tabletop into Marco's groin, killing him (becoming the third in Gruber's gang to die). McClane sarcastically commented "Thanks for the advice", then proceeded to drop Marco's body from the 34th floor onto the hood of Powell's police car - an action which effectively begins the police siege of the Nakatomi Building.


  • "...a sinistra, dai" (to the left, come on)
  • "On the left, on the left!"
  • "Uli!"
  • "Shall we go?"
  • "Okay, don't shoot! Don't shoot!"
  • "You are done! No more table! Where are you going pal?!"


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