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Marlin was a female mercenary-for-hire and associate of Piet Gruber. They were once lovers in the past. She was one of antagonists in the 2002 video-game Die Hard: Vendetta.

She is considered non-canon with the Die Hard series overall.

Die Hard: Vendetta[]

Marlin was at the Cesar Tuna Factory where the RDX-5 rocket was delivered to Gruber by Japanese gangster Sumi Kazawa. As she shows her impression of the rocket she knows since she spent a lot of time in Russia. Marlin tells Gruber that time is tight as they have to go. Marlin, along with Gruber and several men left the factory.

Marlin was at the Fernandez Warehouse where the rocket and it's fuel was at. After McClane destroyed the fuel tanks and arrived in the loading area where the rocket is, Jack Frontier, a ex-Hollywood action star gone rogue, sends Marlin out to deal with McClane. While Marlin was in the elevated position in the loading dock and ran from one area to another, McClane mortally wounds her during the shootout. As she uses her last breath to tell McClane that his kidnapped daughter Lucy is held at Nakatomi Plaza and Gruber felt there was a certain poetry to it since Gruber's father, Hans Gruber was killed in that building, Marlin dies from her wounds.