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Farrell's apartment building

Farrell's apartment building

Matt Farrell's Apartment is an unidentified numbered room located in an apartment building in New Jersey.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

Matt Farrell's apartment is located in an unknown area of New Jersey. It is possible he lives in the apartment to be close to his school Ruetgers University (where Lucy McClane enrolls). Inside his apartment, he has a collection of antique action figures ranging from Terminator, G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc. It is apparent he is not very organized as his place looks like a huge mess.

During the events of the film, Farrell is on his computer web chatting with his friend Frederick Kaludis aka 'Warlock'. Suddenly, his computer starts glitching in the middle of the chat and a sign pops up convincing Farrell to delete the virus. However, little did he know, his computer became infected because of an infected digital bomb coming from C-4 explosive.

Just as he was about to delete it, he is stopped by the sound of a door knock. (If Farrell had pressed the delete key, he would've been killed) He reluctantly opens the door but only a quarter because he had the chain put in use. It is Detective John McClane of the New York City Police Department. When he asks for Matt's name, at first he feigns revealing it but he is identified by McClane anyway.

As soon as Farrell is visible from the window, a gunshot is heard and McClane tackles him to the ground. The two are both under attack by gunfire and three men break into the apartment. McClane is able to take out two of them as he tries to prevent them from killing Matt Farrell. Farrell on the other hand, is so scared and nervous he can only watch as his apartment is destroyed by the gunfire.

Agent killed by McClane shooting merchandise onto Rand's rigged-computer bomb (Clay Cullen stuntman)

Farrell's apartment is set on fire following an explosion.

After McClane wounds the third gunman and indirectly shoots at Farrell's computer. it knocked down the Terminator action figure, which the head hits the delete key on his keyboard and causes an explosion while McClane and Farrell go for cover in the bedroom. The henchman is killed and the apartment room sets on fire. Both men exit the apartment unharmed. It is unknown what becomes of the apartment afterwards.