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Family Portrait of the McClane family, as seen in Die Hard.

The McClane Family are an Irish-American middle class family living in the United States of America. The family members are John McClane, Holly Gennero, Lucy McClane, and John "Jack" McClane Jr..

Family Events[]

Early life[]

John married Holly several years prior to the events of Die Hard, and had two children born a year apart. John and Holly were separated months before the Nakatomi Takeover, to which Holly got a job at.

Christmas Eve, 1988: Meeting Holly at Nakatomi Plaza[]

Sometime around sunset on Christmas Eve, John McClane got off a plane from New York to Los Angeles to meet his wife at Nakatomi Plaza. Upon meeting her, they got into an argument about Holly using her maiden name "Gennero" on the company's directory. But the argument was interrupted when Ginny spoke to Holly to deliver a speech to the guests. Then out of horror, terrorists seized the building in an attempt to steal $600 million in bearer bonds, while also holding Holly hostage. After John McClane's heroics in defeating the terrorists at Nakatomi Plaza, they got back together.

Christmas Eve, 1990: Airport takeover[]

John arrived at Dulles International Airport to meet his wife at the terminal. However, ex-Special Forces troops take over the airport and this forces Holly's plane (along with several others) to circle around, making them run out of fuel. John McClane defeats the special forces and rejoices with Holly after her plane lands safely.

Independence Day, 2007: Fire Sale[]

Heading into the 21st Century, they divorced again, and John became estranged from his children. Eventually, John reunited with his children on better terms (First Lucy, then Jack in 2013) after their father's efforts in fighting off terrorists.



  • Die Hard is the only film where all four family members are present.
  • Aside from John McClane, Lucy makes the most appearances of the family in the Die Hard films with three, while Holly and Jack are tied with two appearances.
  • John McClane has a rough relationship with his family in the films (though his children Lucy and Jack reconcile with him later in the fourth and fifth films)
  • John and Jack are the only family members with government force occupations.