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"McClane, shut up!"
―Mike Collins punishing John McClane for boasting around

Mike Collins was an agent from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the partner of Jack McClane during the assignment to try to save informant Yuri Komarov and get corrupt high-ranking Russian official Viktor Chagarin.

He carried a Swiss SIG-Sauer P229R pistol fitted with a suppressor as his sidearm.

A Good Day to Die Hard[]

Collins was in the CIA headquarters when the report came in that former billionaire Yuri Komarov is set to stand trial and has vital information that incriminates his former partner Viktor Chagarin. As he found that Chagarin is making a move on Komarov, he goes to Russia to coordinate things since his partner, fellow CIA agent Jack McClane has been undercover with Komarov for three years. While Collins head for Moscow, Jack was captured when he killed Chagarin's associate Anton to get close to Komarov.

When they we're unable to send the Reaper down to save them, Collins is ordered to wait for Jack and Komarov at the CIA safe house. Once Jack, Komarov and, to his surprise, Jack's father, John McClane arrived in the safe house. Collins recognizes McClane as Jack's father and the hero cop. He tells Komarov to get change from the prison uniforms while Jack does the same thing. Collins wants the file that Komarov has on Chagarin so the CIA can bring him down in exchange for getting Komarov out of Russia for good. Komarov then reluctantly asked Collins if they take his daughter Irina out of the country too. Collins tells him to give him the location of the file and he will get to talk to daughter on the secured phone. Komarov then tells Collins that the file is in the vault in Pripyat, Ukraine, but the key to it is in the Moscow hotel called Hotel Ukraina. While Jack and Collins we're discussing the outcome of the situation, Komarov was shot in the shoulder. Before Collins can act, he was shot in the head by one of the snipers working for Chagarin's enforcer, Alik and killed him instantly.


  • John calls Collins "Oddjob", although there is no apparent resemblance between Collins and the James Bond henchman.

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