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"We'll follow him."
―Mischa about Zeus

Mischa was one of Simon Gruber's henchmen during the heist of the gold bullion in the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[]

Mischa was at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York along with Simon and other comrades as they posed as businessmen. Once they dealt the security guards and began their operation to rob the gold bullions on the vault of the bank, Mischa and another henchman called Erik went to Yankee Stadium to take out John McClane and Zeus Carver when they get to the home team dugout.

Die Hard 3- Mischa

As they wait, Mischa checks in with Simon and Mathias Targo to ask if they want them to stay in the stadium. After Targo tells him to wait a moment, Simon tells Mischa to stay, saying that McClane may still turn up.

Later, Zeus shows up in the stadium alone. As Erik carrying the Bushmaster XM15E2 S sniper rifle asked if he can take him out, Mischa, who was the spotter, tells him not to shoot since only Zeus showed up and McClane is not with him. He checks in on the radio to Simon to give him the latest situation report. As Zeus was retreating after seeing the game over message on a portable handheld baseball game, the sniper asked again to fire at him. Mischa again tells him no because they'll follow him, hopefully to get to McClane.


Mischa's death

As Mischa was driving the truck with Erik with him in the passenger seat, he followed Zeus in the Catskill mountains. As McClane was flushed out of New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 (due to Simon's attempt to drown him), Zeus pulls over. Then Erik fires at them with a machine gun. Mischa pursued McClane and Zeus on the crowded highway in the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains while his partner fires at the vehicle from their truck. While avoiding gunfire from McClane's Beretta 92FS pistol, cars and the wall of the rocky cliff, Mischa proved to be a talented driver. Suddenly, after Zeus disabled the anti-lock fuse, McClane made an abrupt U-turn and fires at the truck from the driver's side window. After his partner got killed, Mischa was then shot dead. The runaway truck went off the road and went into the uphill ravine, but not severely wrecked. As McClane checked the truck and opened the driver's side door of the truck, Mischa's body slumped off the vehicle and into the outside ground. McClane checks his body out and finds he had 10 quarters that we're planned to use for a toll booth on the bridge. Mischa was the eighth man in Simon's group that was killed by McClane.

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