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"Send in the car!"
―Captain Mitchell

Captain Mitchell is an LAPD cop who is in charge of the SWAT unit during the Nakatomi Plaza Hostage Crisis.

Die Hard[]

After the LAPD arrive at the emergence of Al Powell, Mitchell is one of the first officers to step out of the car after Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson. Mitchell sends in four of his best swat members to break into the building to allow the rest of the cops into the building and save the hostages. But their plan is foiled when James and Alexander takeout the searchlights, and Uli and Eddie shoot at the officers and injure them before they can get in.

Next, Mitchell orders the SWAT team to 'send in the car', a six wheeled armored car, to break into the front entrance. But once again the plan is a failure when the armored car is hit by two anti-tank missiles fired from James and Alexander. The LAPD manage to evacuate the SWAT officers from the stricken armored car, as James and Alexander are killed by C4 dropped down the elevator shaft by McClane before they can fire a third missile.

After that, all he does the rest of the film is hope the hostages make it out alive.

Capt. Mitchell's SWAT Team[]


Capt. Mitchell's SWAT officers.

In the middle of the film, Mitchell sends in four SWAT officers to enter Nakatomi Plaza. They are:

  • Rivers
  • Rodriguez
  • SWAT Officer 1
  • SWAT Officer 2

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