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Molina is the assistant deputy director of the FBI Cyber-Security Division and Miguel Bowman's main subordinate.

Live Free or Die Hard[]

After a computer breach at the FBI's Cyber-Security Division, Molina, along with Taylor and Raj brief their boss, Miguel Bowman, that the breach was definitely the work of a hacker.

During the morning, Molina reports that Amtrak has lost its network and it's shutdown during the shutdown of America's transportation system. After the anthrax alarms went off, Bowman has all of his subordinates out of the building. At the mobile command center, Molina reports the DC transportation system is crashing and the financial sector is being attacked. When NYPD detective John McClane arrives with hacker Matt Farrell, Molina was occupied until McClane tells him that he brought Farrell over under Bowman's orders. Then he sees the broadcast by presidential speeches that they are shutting down the country. Then Bowman orders Molina to set up a motorcade for Farrell and McClane to go to DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Later, he informs everyone that FAA has grounded all air travel due to the systematic attack. Then Molina picks up the call from McClane for Bowman. After passing the phone to Bowman, Molina finds that all telecommunication systems are being hacked. Then the broadcast stations are hacked, showing the explosion of the US Capitol, causing a public panic. But he, Bowman and the other agents found out the broadcast was a fake.

Later on, Molina informs Bowman and Taylor that intel are certain that the terrorists are mobile, which explains the reason why they are avoiding signal triangulation and, judging by the amount of hardware, that they are looking for a large vehicle, probably a semi-trailer rig. Bowman orders him to get Homeland Security to bring in their agents and all their functioning network they got. After learning the identity of the mastermind behind the terrorist cyber-attack, former DOD analyst Thomas Gabriel, Molina sees the power outages is spreading across the Eastern Seaboard.

After learning about a top-secret financial data server station at the Social Security Administration building in Woodlawn, Bowman tells Molina to get some helicopters ready to go to Woodlawn. He informs his boss that it will take awhile. Bowman tells Molina to call the Pentagon to send a F-35 Lightning there to keep an eye on things.

During the helicopter ride to Woodlawn, Molina was with Bowman when they got a radio call from McClane that Gabriel left Woodlawn in the Hazmet truck and gives them the license plate number of it so that they will follow them by the truck's LoJack tracking systems. McClane also informs that Gabriel has his daughter, Lucy as well as Farrell. When the agents arrived in the warehouse where the Hazmet truck is at, they started the cleanup. Molina was briefly seen with Bowman, who thanks the wounded McClane for all the help.

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